Minutes of the forward endcap EMC SeeVogh meeting, 22nd of June 2015, 13:30-14:30

Topics are not necessarily in the order of discussion, but by subject.


  • Basel: excused
  • Bochum: Claudius, Fritz-Herbert, Malte, Miriam, Patrick, Tobias H., Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph
  • Groningen: excused
  • Uppsala: Pawel
  • GSI: -

Bonn VPTT subunit cosmics setup:

  • Mis-mapping corrected now
  • 15 of the total 16 channels look okay (1 trigger szintillator not okay)
  • 16-channel plot shown (cosmics spectra with Landau-fits)
  • What we see is what was estimated from a subsample already:
    • Cosmics peak is between 150 and 200 ADC counts (corresponding to the 145/185 mV/GeV estimated by Bonn people earlier).
    • This is much more than the gain spread of the VPTTs involved!
    • Reason unknown, maybe damaged crystal coverings (mirror foil).
  • Total recording time up to now: 54 hours
  • Trigger problem just occurred again (reason unknown)
  • Agreed to change setup to include shapers in read out chain


  • Interface pieces in production now (Bonn)
  • Distributed production to two workshops (8 crystal and 16 crystal interfaces separately)
  • First test pieces in Bonn (may bring one to Bochum)
  • Ordering for SADC crates submitted to KVI (waiting for delivery)


  • Balancing filtering between analog (shaper) and digital signal manipulation
  • Digital filtering also capable of reducing input amplifier noise
  • Tests ongoing how to best cope with fast rising Basel preamp signals with respect to energy and time resolution
  • Question to Bochum whether to buy a current version ADC board: no funding right now (~4.5 kEUR)
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