Minutes of the forward endcap EMC meeting, 29th of September 2014, SeeVogh, 14:00 - 16:20

Topics are not in the order of discussion but by subject.

  • Basel: excused
  • Bochum: Claudius, Fritz-Herbert, Malte, Matthias, Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph
  • Groningen: excused
  • Orsay: Philippe
  • Uppsala: Pawel (via phone)


Philippe presented the cooling machine for the tests with the endcap and one barrel slice. It will be set up at Orsay and tested in the next months. Everything needs a floor space of 3m x 3m (detailed drawing sent by Philippe to Bochum). The inlet has a 1 inch diameter the return flow a 40mm diameter. Philippe will put a temperature sensor in the inlet, which will be used for the regulation of the cooling machine. It has a power of 5 kW at -32 degree C. In ideal case the inlet for the endcap needs be at bottom and the outlet at the top, such that there 0 pressure can be reached. The endcap group will provide the manifolds, mixers and heaters for the individual circuits of the endcap. Individual temperature regulation is performed through heaters regulated by EPICS (Matthias).

For the flow tests Orsay needs the test U-turn circuits built at KVI. Action: Sent U-turn test circuits to Orsay (tests in December/January). Once all tests are finished the cooling machine will be sent to Bochum (March 2015) for tests with the endcap.

Shaper/ADC/ADC crates-

  • ADC: Pawel: work on the user interface of the ADC is in progress. The next version of the ADC is envisaged to be ready by Christmas.
  • Shaper: Christoph: the layout of the external shaper (for test purposes) is done. The shaper, with shaping according to the final ADC design, should be ready in 3 weeks.
  • ADC crate: It is not clear how the ADC crates will be arranged in detail. It was discussed how to connect the signal cables. The best solution would be a backplane through which power is distributed and signal cables are connected. Space is tight. To save space Pawel suggested to move the DC/DC converters from the ADC to a common power supply (in each crate). Thus the ADC PCB can be shorter. Layout of the ADC crates should be done in a way, that one can remove ADC without disconnecting cables etc.
  • Signals to ADCs: Signal cables are lay out in groups of 16 from each alveole. 16pin connectors are used. Each high rate VPTT alveoli can be put together with one half low rate APD alveoli on one ADC (total 32 ch. each high and low gain). Action: Ask Myroslav for rate estimates and if the FPGAs will handle these rates. Different distributions could be done through the backplane, but would be complicated and increase noise/crosstalk.
  • Question: Will we use one or two SFP fibre connectors (redundancy)?

Cable length and routing-

Claudius has done detailed routing of cables and determined the individual cable length.

  • Signal cables: estimates are ok. Cables can be ordered.
  • Flat cables to THMP: cables can be ordered.
  • HV connectors: Molex connectors need about 20min to mount. Buy connectors.
  • HV cables: Will use cables from alveole PCB in cold area up to patch panel in crate outside magnet. Claudius will ask Lars/Jost for crate position and 3D model of magnet etc. to improve length estimate. After that cables can be ordered.
  • HV connectors to iseg modules: Use thin or standard HV cables from patch panel to HV modules? HV has SHV connectors. Question: could we use Riedel connectors, which better fit thin HV cables?

  • Backplate frame is set up at Bochum in target lab. The endcap backplate with stiffener ring will be mounted soon.
  • Do paper box models for crates, THMP and LP to test mounting in backplate (Malte).
  • Bonn is waiting for the interface piece design from KVI-CART (angles and manipulator holes).
  • Increase hole for LP to M2 in mountplate.
- FritzHerbertHeinsius - 30 Sep 2014

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