Main Features of the low noise/low power charge preamplifier model SP883d
  • Low noise (high resolution) relative to power consumption
  • For Vacuum Photo Triodes (VPT), Photo Tetrodes (VPTT) & APD
  • Completely analog electronics
  • Single ended, AC-coupled 50 Ohm positive signal output
  • Integrated low power HV-Divider(Bleeder/Bias) for up to 1,5kV. Space saving, significant less cables (1 instead of 3)!
  • Integrated low & high voltage power supply filter
  • Reduced dimensions (length 28mm), short “stamp” format
  • Two separate boards (PCB), without PCB-connectors
  • Low cost with components of the shelf
  • Operation at -25°C, radiation and magnetic fields
  • Fast rise time (<20ns) for energy & time measurements
  • Single range: reduces ADC-channels (cost), power, space
  • Driver for signal transmissions integrated (drives 50 Ohm standard coaxial cables)
  • Easy operation: Power supplies (LV+HV) in -> Signal out Datasheet

-- FritzHerbertHeinsius - 25 Sep 2012
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