Building ROOT with MonALISA support

MonALISA support is not default on distributed compiled versions of ROOT.

ApMon extra packages

Download and build the following packages (or the latest versions from here):
They both have standard configure scripts and will put the libs and headers in /usr/local/lib.

If you would like them installed somewhere else (recommended!) do like in the example below:
   tar -zxvf ApMon_cpp-2.2.2.tar.gz
   cd ApMon_cpp-2.2.2
   ./configure --prefix=/home/kl/tools/monalisa
   make install

Follow a similar procedure to build ml-gsoapclient:
   tar -zxvf ml-gsoapclient-1.0.0.tar.gz
   cd ml-gsoapclient-1.0.0
   ./configure --prefix=/home/kl/tools/monalisa
   make install

Build ROOT from source

Since is not part of the build on distributed compiled versions, you have to build ROOT from source.

Download the source code from and follow the instructions for building. Monalisa is included in the root source distribution. To build the shared library just make sure that the configure options include the items below (paths are as per the example above, change them for your specific case):
   ./configure --enable-monalisa --with-monalisa-libdir=/home/kl/tools/monalisa/lib --with-monalisa-incdir=/home/kl/tools/monalisa/include

This should build all the ROOT libraries, including

For use of the TMonaLisa classes, please read the comments of $ROOTSYS/monalisa/src/TMonaLisaWriter.cxx and TMonaLisaReader.cxx and/or take a look at the example attached below.

Using the example sender

To try the example sender attached run:
  root -b root_sender.C
The path to the ApMon libraries compiled earlier, /home/kl/tools/monalisa/lib in this example, must be added to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH for this to work. Otherwise, when running the macro, root will complain of not finding

The datagram sent by the macro once it works can be seen by filtering */*/Root/* in the ML cache from

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