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Detector ageing

It would be favourable to include sensors close to the detector which can monitor the degradation of the electronics installed nearby. This may also be specially designed sensitive chips read out frequently. By montoring the amount of e.g. single event upsets or other key events one may be able to determine the time the other electronics (or other detector components) might fail with high probability and take the appropriate measures in time. This may e.g. be the scheduling of a maintainance period or the shut-down of the respective electronic in order to prevent further/successive damage. Obviously this approach requires the knowledge of the MTBF values of both, the sensors as well as the electronics/components to be monitored indirectly that way. If feasible, one might as well directly include this functionality on the respective ASICS as well. This way the 'tracing' elements should be designed more sensitive than the rest of the electronic to be monitored. -- BerndVoss - 18 Jun 2009

COSYLAB support for CompactRIO

Investigate COSYLAB support/module for CompactRIO. -- DanProtopopescu - 07 Dec 2009
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