CSS-SDSS Script for element color change

In a control room equipped with multiple screens, cluttered with GUIs and strip charts, is is useful to make warnings and alarms stand out. One way to improve the visibility of alarms on the GUIs is to make certain elements change colour depending on the severity of the alarm (this is already implemented in some of the CSS widgets).

PANDA Temperature Colour Rules

We wrote a custom function to implement a temperature-related color scheme, which takes as arguments the EPICS channel's HIHI, LOLO, HIGH and LOW attributes. This is how the Java script (attached) looks like:

var returns = "org.eclipse.swt.graphics.RGB";
var description = "PANDA Temperature Colour Rules";
var parameters = new Array("VAL", "HIHI", "LOLO", "HIGH", "LOW", "Default Colour");

var RED = new Packages.org.eclipse.swt.graphics.RGB(0,1,1);
var YELLOW = new Packages.org.eclipse.swt.graphics.RGB(60,1,1);
var GREEN = new Packages.org.eclipse.swt.graphics.RGB(120,1,1);
var BLACK = new Packages.org.eclipse.swt.graphics.RGB(0,0,0);

function execute (args) {

    var valu   = args[0];
    var hihi   = args[1];
    var lolo   = args[2];
    var high   = args[3]; 
    var low    = args[4];
    var colour = args[5];       

    if ((valu < low) && (valu > lolo)) {
             return GREEN;
    if (valu < lolo) {
             return BLACK;
    if ((valu > high) && (valu < hihi)) {
             return YELLOW;
    if (valu > hihi) {
             return RED;
    return colour;

In the 'Dynamic properties' dialog of the SDS, the list of input parameters will be explicitly displayed as described in the parameters array. To set these parameters double-click on the channel field beside the desired parameter and input the name of the process variable you wish to use in this field. Click finish when you are done. An screeshot of the dialog is shown below:


The default colour for the object sets the colour that the element has in its normal state.

-- PaulMullen - 20 Jul 2010

imported from http://nuclear.gla.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view.pl/Main/ColourScriptGUI

-- PeterZumbruch - 23 Aug 2012
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