cd dirc_test/trunk

One is working in the trunk directory and below. Use it like cvs, for example an commit looks like

svn commit -m "introduced gotos"

if you do the above commit command in the trunk directory, all files which are under svn control are committed. You do an snapshot of the whole filesystem in the trunk directory. That is the difference to cvs. Svn works on filesystems, cvs on single files.


  • dirc_test
    • trunk is the working directory, where the development is done.
    • branches holds different devepment branches copied from trunk.
    • tags holds different tags defined as snapshots from trunk.

  • trunk
    • mbs routines for access to the GSI-mbs system.
    • lstep routines for access of the LSTEP interface cards (linear sledges) and routines for access of the PeakTech 451 RS multimeter.
    • main sources of main programs, executables one above in trunk.
    • doc documentation
    • data data

For the curious: generation of repository

The repository was generated by

pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir svn
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir svn/dirc_test
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs ~pandadrc/svn/dirc_test
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> chmod g+w svn/dirc_test
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir dirc_test
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir dirc_test/trunk
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir dirc_test/branches
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> mkdir dirc_test/tags
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> svn import . file:///u/pandadrc/svn/dirc_test -m "initial"
pandadrc@lxg0302:/u/pandadrc> svn checkout file:///u/pandadrc/svn/dirc_test/trunk dirc_test
Checked out revision 1.

-- CarstenSchwarz - 02 Feb 2006
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