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Barrel DIRC Meetings * gr_28aug08_cs.odp: Hadron Physics 1 group report DIRC HOUGH
Main.CarstenSchwarz 14 Jul 2010 http://panda bin/view/Computing/PandaRootMacros
Main.CarstenSchwarz 15 Sep 2011 * AuthorList
DesignItems * FocussingLightguide Main.KlausFoehl 05 May 2006 * GiessenDirc Main.MarkusEhrenfried 07 Jun 2006 This page is part of Pandcerenkov WebHome
FocussingLightguide Optimisation routine for lightguide coefficients End of June 2006 I have asked our Edinburgh workshop to build two of the lightguides as...
* ItemsAndTasks Main.CarstenSchwarz 14 Sep 2005
Add points to list and find answers to points: Detectors * DircBarrel * EndcapDirc * ForwardRich Points to address * Evironment requirements like te...
Figures for Presentations Upload your 'typical' plots, drawings, photos, etc...If possible as vector graphic. HowTo * Photons propagating in plate: ...
* ItemsAndTasks * GsiRadiatorTestStand * DataSheets * link to original KVI proposal * GeigerAPD * NinoChipEvaluationBoard * BarrelDirc
Main.CarstenSchwarz 08 Oct 2007 * TriesteRich07 * NovosibirskInstr08 * IeeeConference08 * ViennaExa08
For a transverse path of 1m for Cherenkov light emitted from a particle of normal incidence in fused silica, the time difference for $\beta$=1 and $\beta$=0.99 i...
Timelines and Names Personell FTEs and actual people today and prospected to the end of 2006, obviously not enough * Cracow 0.3 FTE (1 person) * Dub...
UselessMethods While trying to find and work out a suitable design for the Cherenkov Imaging Detectors, on comes across nice ideas, but several of them do not wor...
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* MomentumRange See also the verbose WebIndex. * giessendirc_v1.0.pdf: Multi Chromatic TOP Endcap DIRC draft v1.0 by M. Düren et al.
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