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* B field calculation Jost Luehning: According to this graph the candidate areas for photon detector placement seem to have B=0.4T or 0.5T instead of B=0.2Tesla ...
PANDA Technical Assessment Group PID * C. Schwarz, G. Schepers, Co Chairs * B. Kopf BarrelCalorimeter * R. Kaiser / G. Rosner / I. Lehmann CherenkovCounter ...
Proximity Focussing For more results see presentation in VrvsMeeting07. Here is a quick calculation with slightly different geometry as Lars Schmitt requested. ...
Requirements for the PID Detectors * PiddetectorRequirements Basic Informations about the PID Detectors * BarrelDirc * C. Schwarz, G. Schepers * BarrelTof ...
1. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (26.04.2006) Agenda * Communications * Which Detector identifies what particles under which angle? * What was achieved untill now ...
May 2006 111 0 0 28 WebHome 6 TasksandResults 5 MuonCounter 5 ForwardCherenkov 5 TpC 3 VrvsMeeting02 3 BarrelDirc ...
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