Minutes of the Forward Tracking Meeting, 18 June 2013, EVO, 10.00


  • Stefano Spataro
  • Elisa Fioravanti
  • Isabella Garzia
  • Mauro Savrie'
  • Jerzy Smyrski
  • Martin Galuska
  • Jacek Biernat
  • Soeren Lange
  • Manoj Jadhav
  • Lia Lavezzi

Analysis reports

  • Elisa shows the acceptance studies done for the standard and the compact geometry configurations, for pions at different momentum. Also the studies about the resolution results in terms of position and momentum for FTS standalone, have been presented. The studies have been done for different straw skew angles. The momentum resolution studies have been done also for MVD+GEM+FTS configurations and for the standard and compact geometry. Both in the case of FTS standalone and MVD+GEM+FTS, in many cases the first parameter of the reconstructed track has Z>328 cm, so after the station number 2. Probably we will not be able to reconstruct those tracks so probably we have to cut on this variable to have reliable resolution studies. The unfitted tracks have theta lower than 1 degrees and higher than 5 degrees in theta, and +- 90 degrees in phi.
  • E_Fioravanti.pdf: E. Fioravanti - Acceptance and Resolution Studies

  • Jacek shows his presentation about occupancy studies. He shows the occupancy plots using a new beam pipe design using the FT1, FT3, FT5. A cut on 30 eV was applied. A lot of background is coming from the beam pipe.
  • ForwardTrackingSystemOccupancyStudies-new.pdf: J. Biernat

  • Manoj shows his presentation about the momentum resolution studies by kick plane analysis for the two geometry configurations: standard and compact. He shows the theta determined by difference in track after and before the dipole for different particle momentum, and he extracted the fitting parameters that must be used in momentum reconstruction study.
  • kick_plane_Manoj_18June2013.pdf: Kickplane- ManojJadhav

  • Marting shows his presentation about the pattern recognition on forward chambers. He is expanded a new QA task for efficiency, clone&ghost rate determination for MVD+STT tracking to include FTS. He is also working on momentum resolution expansion of PndTrkQATask using MC track momentum from a PndFtsPoint close to a reference plane at given z position for each MC track. He is also rewriting the previous macros based FTS PR to a task including the use of PndTrackCand and PndTrack
  • 20130618-Galuska-FTS-PR-FTS-Evo.pdf: Martin FTS PR


At the next collaboration meeting Elisa and Jacek will show their results at the computing session. We will fix a new Forward Tracking EVO Meeting after the collaboration meeting. Stay tuned!

Presentations of EVO Forward Tracking Meeting (18 June 2013)

-- ElisaFioravanti - 18 Jun 2013

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