Minutes of the Forward Tracking Meeting, 15 November 2012, EVO, 11.00


  • Stefano Spataro
  • Mauro Savriè
  • Elisa Fioravanti
  • Isabella Garzia
  • Jerzy Smyrski
  • Alberto Rotondi
  • Martin Galuska
  • Jacek Biernat
  • Manoj Jadhav
  • Lia Lavezzi
  • Susanna Costanza

General Items

  • This is the first EVO Forward Tracking Meeting. New people (Jacek and Manoj) are enjoing this group. The idea is to organize an EVO meeting periodically in order to know what people are doing. The main goal of this first meeting is to share the work to do for the Forward Tracking TDR.
  • Mauro asks to Stefano to coordinate this group. Stefano accepts to help us especially for the software (simulation) part of the TDR.

Analysis reports

  • Elisa shows the acceptance studies done for the Forward Tracking stations. The idea is to re-do the same work already done some years ago by Ola Wronska. The aim is to check and undestand the x-y intensity distribution at the z-position of each tracking stations. Elisa also says that she is doing the multipion analysis in order to compare the efficiency and the resolution with and without the forward tracking.
  • 15NovemberElisa.pdf: Acceptance Studies

  • Martin shows his work about the pattern recognition on the FTS chambers, using a hough transformation method. Only an ideal forward tracking recostruction is present in the code right now. The Martin's aim is to do the real pattern recognition for the FTS chambers. He is doing also the X(3872)->J/psi pi+pi- analysis in order to compare the efficiency and the resolution with and without the forward tracking.
  • 20121115-Galuska-EvoMeetingStatusv3.pdf: Pattern Recognition on FT

  • Jacek shows his simulations done with the "dummy geometry" where there are three cube like structures (FT1, FT3, FT5) and the beam pipe is not included. He shows the distributions of counts per straw, the track multiplicity for FT1, the distributions of momenta and the counts/cm^2/s vs r for different FT.
  • sim_fts_15Nov.pdf: pbar-p simulations for FTS

  • Jerzy shows the simulation needed for the FT TDR, in order to understand the detector optimization. Also the study of some benchmark channels is needed.
  • Programme_of_simulations_JS.pdf: Simulations needed for the FT TDR

    • Jacek is doing the following studies (occupancy studies):
      • Run DPM simulations (different momenta)
      • Run UrQMD simulations (different target and momenta)
      • Check rates(cm^2/sec) (aging)
      • Check detector acceptance (angular, momentum)
    • Elisa and Isabella are doing the following studies:
      • Single particle studies
      • Check momentum resolution
      • Check resolution for different skew angles
    • Manoj is doing the following studies:
      • Comparison with full or compact design
    • Martin is concentrating his effort on the pattern recognition of the FT.


  • Next EVO meeting should be in the week before the next PANDA collaboration meeting. A doodle will be open by Stefano in order to define the date. Stay tuned!

Presentations of EVO Forward Tracking Meeting (15 November 2012)

-- ElisaFioravanti - 21 Nov 2012
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