PANDA Wiki's Tagpid/Pandatagpid web The Tagpid/Pandatagpid web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors Panda Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of PANDA Wiki PANDA Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Tagpid/Pandatagpid PidtagMeeting05 5. PID TAG Meeting (27.3.2007) Agenda * "New steps" * e e Benchmark Studies, Bertram Kopf * EplusEminusStudies.pdf * Parametrization of the (Barrel) ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-04-11T11:09:25Z GeorgSchepers VrvsMeeting08 8. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (20.3.2007) Agenda * "New steps preparation for Genua" * e e Benchmark Studies, Bertram Kopf uni ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-04-10T13:20:19Z GeorgSchepers WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this Tagpid/Pandatagpid web. This is a convenient service, so you do not ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-04-10T13:09:01Z GeorgSchepers ProximityFocussing Proximity Focussing For more results see presentation in VrvsMeeting07. Here is a quick calculation with slightly different geometry as Lars Schmitt requested. ... (last changed by KlausFoehl) 2007-03-22T16:34:23Z KlausFoehl VrvsMeeting07 7. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (1.3.2007) Agenda * "PID update and outlook" * the development from December 2006 to March 2007 * the echange of knowledge, as ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-03-20T12:51:07Z GeorgSchepers VrvsMeeting06 6. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (7.12.2006) Agenda * Status und Preparation * Status Georg Schepers * Very first Concept for presentation, to be discussed ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-02-28T15:51:29Z GeorgSchepers TasksandResults Requirements for the PID Detectors * PiddetectorRequirements Basic Informations about the PID Detectors * BarrelDirc * C. Schwarz, G. Schepers * BarrelTof ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2007-02-26T12:34:35Z GeorgSchepers VrvsMeeting05 5. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (9.11.2006) Agenda * Parametrization and Phase Space * Barrel Tof example Aida Galoyan: http://www ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-12-06T14:20:00Z GeorgSchepers VrvsMeeting03 3. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (20.07.2006) Agenda * Common plots for separation power * example K. Foehl: * bin/view/Pandatagpid ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-10-12T14:57:53Z GeorgSchepers BarrelDirc Purpose the DIRC provides * a positive kaon identification * a destinction of gammas and relativistic charged particles entering the EMC behind him Working ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-10-12T13:53:40Z GeorgSchepers PidtagMeeting03 3. PID TAG Meeting (Vienna, 4.09.2006) Agenda * Introduction, Georg Schepers DIRC PIDTAG third meeting Vienna040906.ppt * Up date of the Status of the Muon Counters ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-09-14T11:45:29Z GeorgSchepers ExamplePlots Example Plots SeparationpowerExampleplots * tagplot1.eps: parameter space Standalone Endcap DIRC Analysis (my suggestion) target vertex (theta,phi) as input ... (last changed by KlausFoehl) 2006-07-19T10:03:52Z KlausFoehl MinutesPidtagmeeting02 Minutes of the PID TAG, 16 17h, June, 13 2006, Carsten Schwarz * Talk, Thierry Hennino Thierry Hennino gave a presentation about the possibility to use the DIRC ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-06-22T13:05:17Z GeorgSchepers DecisionsandTaskspidtag02 Decisions and Tasks of the second PID TAG meeting * Common plot of separation power for the subsystems * Georg and Carsten will put some examples on the ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-06-22T12:11:51Z GeorgSchepers DecisionsandTaskspidtag01 DecisionsandTaskspidtag01 * a TagPid Wiki page will be installed by GeorgSchepers * the responsible for the subdetectors provide the informations asked or find ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-06-22T12:09:04Z GeorgSchepers MemberList PANDA Technical Assessment Group PID * C. Schwarz, G. Schepers, Co Chairs * B. Kopf BarrelCalorimeter * R. Kaiser / G. Rosner / I. Lehmann CherenkovCounter ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-05-26T15:09:09Z GeorgSchepers

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