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Disc Cherenkov Counter Main.KlausFoehl 25 Apr 2006 * Motivation and Kinematics: Particle ID cannot rely on strangeness conservation as strangeness is ...
5. PID TAG Meeting (27.3.2007) Agenda * "New steps" * e e Benchmark Studies, Bertram Kopf * EplusEminusStudies.pdf * Parametrization of the (Barrel) ...
7. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (1.3.2007) Agenda * "PID update and outlook" * the development from December 2006 to March 2007 * the echange of knowledge, as ...
8. PID TAG VRVS Meeting (20.3.2007) Agenda * "New steps preparation for Genua" * e e Benchmark Studies, Bertram Kopf uni ...
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