Agenda of the 22th EVOmeeting, GSI, 05.09.2008

  • Draft v0.7
  • ToF detectors
  • MvD for PID
  • Endcap Disc DIRC, Top design
  • Name of the report.
  • next meeting

Results and Decisions

  • Draft v0.7
    • Georg Schepers gave an update of the new content of the PID TAG report Draft 0.7 and what will come soon
      • the table of physics requirements (chapter 2) has to be updated (Georg Schepers)
      • the STT detector will be included in the comming week before the next EVO meeting
      • the Barrel ToF detector was included
      • the Forward ToF detector will be included before the next EVO meeting
      • the ToP Disc design was included in the Endcap Disc section
      • results of the evaluation of the report concerning "Need for an Endcap Disc DIRC"-written by the Scottish groups- will be included in the report
      • the detectors of the Forward Calorimeter will be included in this day too
      • the Conclusion chapter has to get more text (Georg Schepers)
      • some of the chapters has to be shortened not to have an overweight on compared to others
    • MVD, Rene Jäckel commented his contribution (RJ_evoPidTagAug08.pdf) to go into the report with a presentation
      • regarding his plots the MVD can be helpful in the low momentum region for the separation of proton and kaons from each other and pions, muons and elctrons.
      • depending on the direction he has 4 to 6 dE/dx-measurements with the MVD. Thus a "truncated mean" method can not be used. The signal can be only described by a convolution of a Landau and a Gauss distribution
      • the probability for the particle identification is smeared by the influence of the Landau tail
      • not all uncertainties were considered in the calculations
      • nevertheless the PID information from the MVD is complementary to the DIRC measurement
    • Barrel ToF, Aida Galoyan commented her contribution to the Barrel ToF
      • it is dedicated to a RPC since it has a much better time resolution than a ToF using a Scintillator
    • ToP design for the Endcap Disc DIRC, Avetik Hayrapetyan commented his contribution
  • Endcap Disc
    • Background from EMC showers
      • Klaus Föhl explained with calculations to the focussing light guide design that the e+e- showers from the last ring of the Barrel EMC do not harm the mass reconstruction of the primary particles hitting the Endcap Disc too much.
      • similar calculations has to be done with the ToP design too
        • Klaus and Avetik will get in close contact to do this calculations
    • to make the two Endcap Disc designs (ToP and Focussing Light guide) comparable Klaus and Avetik will choose the same representations for the separation power of both designs
  • the point "the name of the report" was overlooked and has to be covered in the comming meeting
  • next (EVO) meeting on Friday, September 5 at 15h05

-- GeorgSchepers - 01 Sep 2008
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