Directed Graph Plugin Examples


HowtoDirectedGraphs has a basic howto on creating directed graphs using dot. The below examples show some of the capabilities of the DirectedGraphPlugin


Cole's example

You type:

<dot >
digraph G {
    subgraph cluster_c0 {a0 -> a1 -> a2 -> a3}
    subgraph cluster_c1 {
        b0 -> b1 -> b2 -> b3;
        label="Group B";
    x -> a0 [style=dotted];
    x -> b0;
    a1 -> a3 [style=bold, label="a1 to a3"];
    a3 -> a0;
    a0 [shape=box, fontname=Courier, fontsize=11];
    a1 [color=red];
    a3 [label="Label\nfor a3"];
    label="Cole's Example";
You get: (simulated)
You get: (if installed)
DirectedGraphPlugin_1.png diagram

Clientside imagemap (clickable nodes and edges)

You type:

<dot map="1" size="auto" antialias="on">
digraph G {
    Plugins [URL=""];
    DirectedGraphPlugin [URL=""];
    Plugins -> DirectedGraphPlugin;
You get: (simulated)
You get: (if installed)
DirectedGraphPlugin_2.png diagram
You get: (simulated, antialiasing on)
You get: (if installed, antialiasing on)
DirectedGraphPlugin_3.png diagram

Usecase description / state diagram

To view the dot input for this example, click the [dot] link located below the diagram.

You get: (simulated)
You get: (if installed)
DirectedGraphPlugin_4.png diagram
[ps] [dot]

Component architecture (inline SVG)

This is a typical example of a component architecture drawing (This kind of graph is also easy to do in Foswiki:Extensions.JHotDrawPlugin if you like the look but you prefer to draw it manually using your mouse).

Click the [dot] link located below the diagram to view the input. Note that this example is an inline SVG with fallback to PNG

You get: (simulated)
You get: (if installed)
DirectedGraphPlugin_5.svg diagram
[png] [dot]

Simple LAN setup (custom icons / shapefiles)

This type of graph can also easily be extended, for instance making network nodes clickable, pointing to asset databases or similar.

Click the [dot] link below the diagram to view the input.

You get: (simulated)
You get: (if installed)
DirectedGraphPlugin_6.png diagram
You get: (if installed, antialiased)
DirectedGraphPlugin_7.png diagram
[ps] [dot]

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