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Main.MarcPelizaeus 01 Apr 2020 Contributions: 1) Aron Kripko (presentation): Feasibility study of 1 charmonium hybrid production ( eta_c1 tilde2.pptx)2) Aron Kripko ...
Main.MarcPelizaeus 20 Feb 2019 Announcements from the conveeners: * Status of P1 paper * Status of analyses / manpower situation
Main.MarcPelizaeus 25 Jan 2018 Presentations: * Iman Keshk, Feasability study of pbar p phi phi at p_{pbar}=1.5 GeV /c ( pdf) * Frank Nerling, communications ...
Main.MarcPelizaeus 09 Jun 2020 Contributions: 1) Ali Yilmaz, Feasibility Study of Z_c(3900) ( slides ) 2) Aron Kripko, pbar p eta eta_c1 tilde ( eta_c1 tilde2 ...
Main.MarcPelizaeus 15 Nov 2017 Klaus Goetzen, Simulation Study of the Width and Lineshape of the X(3872) (Extensions and Improvements) Frank Nerling, Communications ...
Main.MarcPelizaeus 08 Oct 2020 1) Klaus Götzen: Goetzen_LHCb_X3872_ChWG_v2.pdf: LHCb X(3872) Results 2) Áron Kripkó: presentation_etac.pdf : The η_c1 tilde analysis ...
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