Group Meeting at Mainz 17th November 2011

  • Dmitry Khaneft: Feasibility studies of Proton electromagnetic form factors with the PANDA detector
    • MC pbarp->e+e- and pbarp->pi+pi- for 3 diff momentum & 3 diff Ge/Gm
    • s for the 3 different Ge/Gm?
    • use this 3 value for compression with the background
      • Delete by error the last sample of the simulation, need to do again
    • ~4s CPUtime/events (table on the transparency)
    • Show the selection criteria for e+e- ?
    • look distribution in other variables ?
    • Cut not linearly and know what is aspected?
    • Jerome Thesis Cut Cherenkov angle in function of the momentum
    • 10^{6} events per MC
    • electron reconstruction efficiency is 80%

  • Maria Carmen Mora Espi
    • Have 70 page from the phd thesis
    • Need to get the correction (already get from some persons)
    • Carl-Zeiss raport is finish

  • Thierry want to know the talk (10min talks) for the next EMP meeting in ORSAY/FRANCE
    • Dmitry Khaneft; Iris Zimmermann; Maria Carmen Mora Espi; Bertalan Feher; Yue Ma; Manuel Zambrana; David Rodriguez Pineiro or Javier Navarro.
    • Two invited : Cyril Adamuscin and Julia Goodman
    • Keith Griffioen can give a talk about pbarpbar->pbarpe+e- , drell Yan process

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