Group meeting in mainz KPH at 13:00 to 16:00

  • Dmitry Khaneft pbarp->e+e- study with PANDAroot
    • Minutes : Dmitry Khaneft show new progress in pbarp going to e+e- analysis.
      • Check the color code in the plots and see what is the difference in the cubs
      • Verify the plots cos[theta_cm] end check if corresponds to the acceptance
      • Multiplicity for all cuts
      • Same cuts to raw or calibrated energy is not the best because the peak position shifts
      • Strange peak at 0 for red curve -> don't know what it is.
      • Check the efficiencies (November) for each plots and see if they are comparable
      • Invariant mass -> total Energy in CM.
      • 2D HIST Ecm(e+) vs. Ecm(e-)
      • Try sum first Ecm(e+) + Ecm(e-) and than apply cut.
      • Are the red curve over corrected?
      • Calculated the mean of the electron?
      • There is no PID hist. for PANDAroot?
      • Somebody has to write a kinematic fit to correct energies and choose track?

  • Mikel Catania Goikoetxea & Javier Navarro Medrano Progress on the Prototype design
    • May 5.6 or 11 12 -> EMC meeting at Bochum.
    • Minutes : Ingeniers Mikel and Javier shows us the progress of prototype design
      • How to attach the pins of the APD's to the preamplifier, patch panels?
        • welding
        • some mechanical connection.
      • Find the tolerance of the connector of the preamplifier. How is the shape.
      • Tolerance tack into account the thermal dilatation?
      • Tools for mounting/Gluing/...?

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