happy birthday images elvis His cousin was not married. He wanted to live, to work, to have a house and to live happily with his own family in paradise. The men took the papers from them before a quaint odyssey by ship and truck began through half the world. He and his cousin were not the only ones. They were hungry and thirsty, sat or lay in perpetual darkness. He fled into his memories. Playing with his friends along the river, he drove the herds of goats with his father to the still lush green pasture.

He could smell the wonderfully fragrant stew of rice, beans, and goats, which his mother prepared for the big family. He saw Ceylan, whom he had already loved as a young girl, and once again saw the splendid wedding celebration, in which also many inhabitants of the surrounding villages took part. He saw Ceylan's tired and radiant eyes after delivery. He had held the twins in his arms and wept with happiness. Two, three satisfied years, then came the soldiers. The young family made themselves small, just wanted to be together. Many villages were bombarded, finally his. When the soldiers withdrew, most of the goats were dead, the fields devastated, the river polluted. The slow death began ... happy birthday images elvis.

The paradise was cold and white. He and his cousin were wearing too much clothing. They did not know where to go. Nowhere was a door where they could have entered. Finally, a police officer caught her, and they were already half frozen.

He woke and he was warm. "Now I'm in paradise," he thought. When he opened his eyes, a white young woman bent over him. He did not understand what she said, but she looked friendly. They gave him warm clothes, good shoes, and nutritious food. Soon he realized that he had landed in a refugee center. Here he met some countrymen and many strange people, but he could not find his cousin. A countryman, who had been living here for some time, promised to make himself known. Together, they knocked at a door birthday pictures, in the room sat a friendly-looking woman. His countryman spoke to her in a foreign language. She turned to him with an expression of sorrow, then said something to his companion, "You were quite cold when you were found, your cousin died in the hospital." happy birthday images elvis.

He is lonely and without a home. Sometimes he goes out of the asylum center with other men. The strange white people usually just stare at each other. He senses their disapproval, their fear. He is also afraid. He sees mothers and fathers with their children. They look happy, but they also avoid him. It is snowing, the soft flakes float gently on the white ceiling on the ground and sit on the roofs of the pretty cottages. He barely feels the cold as he continues his walk. Peace fills him. Slowly he moves on the white path. The snowmakers on the right and left protect it, give it security. A young couple comes to meet him. They smile to him, say "Hello". He smiles and nods, feels a rare sense of happiness about the encounter. happy birthday images elvis.

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