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Solenoid Design Decision

In order to come to a design decision an external review has taken place. The meeting was held at GSI on the 19/20th of April. Please find the Presentation of Referees: PandaMag-recomm-070420a.ppt given at the end of the meeting, and the report below.


Remit: Proposed Questions to the Designs

As an input for the committee we will have to present the experimental requirements and interfaces.
  • Magnetic design
    • Superconductor
    • Method of coil winding
    • Coil stability
  • Cryogenic design
    • Method of cooling
    • Current leads
    • Cryostat
  • Mechanical design
    • Coil design
    • Yoke design
    • Forces
    • Coil suspension
    • Detector support
    • Assembly and flexibility
  • Operation & maintenance
    • Power cycling (regular and emergency) including cool down
    • Quench protection
    • Access and serviceability to the detectors
  • Design Recommendation
The topics should be evaluated on the basis of feasibility and possible risks.

To-Do List for the Review

  • Please send Lars your documents BEFORE March 12th!
  • Both Genoa and Dubna documents are attached below

Documents from the Genoa Design

Documents from the Dubna Design


Magnet : SolDecision

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PandaMag-recomm-070420a.pptppt PandaMag-recomm-070420a.ppt manage 76.5 K 04 Jul 2007 - 13:20 IntiLehmann Presentation of Referees (during meeting)
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