Minutes of the Forward Endcap EMC Vibe/eZuce meeting, 9th of August 2021, 14:00-14:45

Submodule Logistics:

  • Need to bring broken submodules accidently delivered to Jülich back to Bochum:
    • Fahrdienst of Bochum University expected to do the job
    • Currently out of operation because of vacation period
    • With the modules back in Bochum we will be able to check whether damages (swapping of APDs and/or HV etc.) are as expected by Bonn measurements
    • (Almost) all 16-unit VPTT submodules now glued and ready to go to Jülich, glueing of 8-unit submodules in progress


  • SADCs are available and can be sent to Bochum, backplane and power supply modules need to be finished, however:
    • For the time being power supplies will be manufactured as the design currenty is
    • However, it is still planned to have a higher efficient version later on
    • Scary: No FPGAs pratically available anymore (at least in due time, latencies of half a year, a year or even higher...)
    • No problem for already finished FWEC SADCs but for the corresponding crate controllers and power supplies (need to switch to manual operation)
    • Work on crate controllers succeeding: JTAC communication via optical fibres to controllers, SADCs
    • Backplanes: All parts for 3 15- and 3 6-SADCs crates available, waiting for PCBs (mid August/next week)
    • Same applies for power supply PCBs
    • Sven prefers to get the SADCs now instead of waiting for a combined shipping with finished and tested backplane and power supply PCBs


  • Christoph/Vinee will come to Bochum for a last check on cabling paths/lengths
  • Quote from ISEG for recalibration of HV power supplies: ~16000 Euros (plus shipping) (this already includes a 40% discount due to the number of channels we have to get recalibrated)
  • Irradiated test seal for front lid back from Strahlenzentrum Gießen: looks and feels good!

-- ThomasHeld - 09 Aug 2021
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