Minutes of the forward endcap EMC meeting, 27th of October 2014, SeeVogh, 14:00-15:15

Topics are not in the order of discussion but by subject.

  • Basel: excused
  • Bochum: Claudius, Fritz-Herbert, Matthias, Tobias H., Tobias T., Tom
  • Bonn: Christoph, Ulrike
  • Groningen: Myroslav
  • Uppsala: -


  • Claudius: Cables length for various low voltage (Preamps, THMP, SADC, LP) is not yet determined. Will be sent to Bonn once information is available.
  • Christoph: Status order: Fllotex, quote asked. HV for alveole, sample of more flexible version available.
  • Question: Which connector to use on H&S HV cable? Action: Bochum looks into design of HV patch panel and possible connectors.
  • Bonn will order HV cable for a maximum length of 40km.
  • Action: Need to define in PANDA technical board the location of the crates for forward endcap EMC.
  • Concerning location of power supplies: Action (to system managers): Ask Lars for radiation map.


  • Cable and cooling routing through solenoid: Question: Are the holes U-shaped, such that one can move in the endcap with cable-trays and cooling mounted? Action: Myroslav will ask Rick.
  • Myroslav has reveived a new ADC from Pawel. He will check how to make cooling in the crates thinner. Current plan: 10 digitizer/crate with one common power supply. ADC horizontally inserted. depth 19cm, 9cm for cables and connectors.
  • Bochum: It will be difficult to accommodate 22 crates. More ADCs/crate possible?
  • Matthias: Space between crates is small for cooling connections. May require two different designs of crates.
  • Christoph: Bonn cannot produce interface pieces, they are still waiting for numbers from KVI. Action: Myroslav will ask Rick to provide the hole positions and angles for the full Alveoli.

  • Bonn has submitted shaper boards with "final" design. Once ready the boards will be sent to Basel and Bochum.
  • Fritz-Herbert: The support frame for Juelich will be discussed next week with FZ Juelich engineer. Ulrike: Will it be moveable to shoot proton from COSY in crystals? Answer: no, we will use only particles after target. E.g. pi0 for calibration.
  • Christoph: VPTT delivery schedule: Week 45,49,1,6,7 and 11 last delivery.

-- FritzHerbertHeinsius - 29 Oct 2014
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