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This is the wiki page of the ECS Subgroup. This subgroup has been established during the September 2007 PANDA collaboration meeting at GSI. The aim is to decide (and have some preliminary trials of) the framework for the PANDA DCS by the end of 2008. The architecture of the PANDA ECS and the individual components will be then ready for implementation and deployment, respectively, by the end of 2009. Actual testing, benchmarking, component development and streamlining will happen along with the completion of the detector until commissioning date. To appropriately reflect its scope, the DCS group will be renamed ECS (Experiment Control System), so for a while, both acronyms might appear throughout the documentation.

ECS interrelations graph (small)

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Members of the ECS group should register to this wiki and be added to the PandaControlsGroup (please email DanProtopopescu with your wiki name to be added).


The ECS subgroup has been established on September 17, 2007. The present structure is listed below.

Subgroup chairperson(s)

The subgroup co-chairmen at this time are DanProtopopescu and LarsSchmitt.

Subgroup members

The most up-to-date list of ECS members can be found either from the DCS_REQ Contacts table or from the DCS mailing list.

Strategy Document

A strategy document is currently in preparation. More information can be found in this wiki.


There are a forum and a mailing list hosted on the GSI servers.

Electronic logbook

The PANDA collaboration's electronic logbook is located at: http://panda-controls.gsi.de/DB/eLog.php


The subgroup forum is located on the GSI server. pencil.gif It is recommended that members of the ECS subgroup do subscribe to this forum.

Mailing list

Our mailing list is called panda-dcs@gsi.de. hand.gif GSI Listserv


Subgroup meetings will be announced via the Indico system. Please see our TalksArchive.


The master archive with presentations from all our subgroup meetings is here: TalksArchive. Please attach your talks using your account, such that the author name is visible and easy to search for. Preferred format is PDF.


Holger Brand created a virtual room FAIR Controls (Adobe Connect) dedicated to controls discussions for FAIR experiments. To arrange a meeting, please contact Holger and provide the date, time and subject.

ECS framework structure

It is very likely that the PANDA ECS will be a combination of various specialized systems integrated via a high-level framework. AFECS would be the umbrella system that would aggregate the data streams from slow controls, DAQ and online analysis.

DCS components (small) with AFECS

GSI/FAIR Controls

The GSI/FAIR Controls group is expected to provide:
  • Framework design
  • Templates and libraries
  • Database design and service
  • Consulting

GSI/FAIR Controls liaison

The liaison persons to GSI/FAIR are:

Division LiaisonSorted ascending
GSI Implementation Holger Brand (h.brand@gsi.de)
FAIR Accelerator Ralph Baer (r.baer@gsi.de)

PANDA Subsystems

The PANDA magnet, target and detector subsystems groups are expected to provide:
  • Subsystem requirements
  • Tentative layout of the user interface
  • Connection implementation


The EPICS wiki gives some programming specs and guidelines for how to write a simple GUI, send and control parameters, announcements of tutorials etc.

Requirements Database

Our requirements database is available here: http://nuclear.gla.ac.uk/DCS/ (its structure is described in DCSRequirementsDB). The detector subgroups should collect and enter (at least preliminary) numbers into this database by the end of 2008.

Detector liaisons

There should be a liaison person for magnet, target and for each detector subsystem. The liaison persons are expected to participate to the DCS subgroup meetings. The list can be found here: http://nuclear.gla.ac.uk/DCS/interactiveTable.php?name=Subgroups

The heads of the detector groups are in charge of collecting DCS requirements (regarding physics signals, parameters, interdependencies) and liaising with the ECS group.

Detector groups are invited to present their plans/ideas regarding DCS within the subgroups session during our collaboration meetings. The heads of the detector groups are invited to volunteer.


  • End of 2008 - have a complete set of DCS requirements in our Database DONE
  • End of 2009 - PANDA toy EPICS system for testing and integration trials up and running

Idea bank

To collect general and specific ideas in a place where it's easy for everyone to review and contribute, we set up a wiki where you are invited to visit/edit: IdeaBank


SupportedHardware is a wiki describing the proposed/tested/supported sensor/control hardware for the PANDA ECS. Early contributions have the chance to set the standards and significantly help other detector subgroups. Please contribute.


It is advisable that the members of the ECS group browse the documentation for EPICS, AFECS and MonALISA. PANDA ECS specific documentation will be linked/attached here as it is written.

PV Naming Conventions

The naming convention for PANDA slow control process variables is outlined in this wiki: PVNamingConventions. We recommend implementing these rules early, to avoid later confusion.

Getting started with EPICS using StreamDevice


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