PANDA Wiki's Cerenkov/Pandacerenkov web The Cerenkov/Pandacerenkov web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors Panda Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of PANDA Wiki PANDA Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Cerenkov/Pandacerenkov ResearchAndDevelopment * ItemsAndTasks * GsiRadiatorTestStand * DataSheets Main.CarstenSchwarz 14 Sep 2005 * link to original KVI proposal Main.BjoernSeitz 25 Apr 2007 (last changed by BjoernSeitz) 2007-04-25T13:35:51Z BjoernSeitz ForwardRich * Environment requirments like temperature, humidity: We will have to cool the PMT matrix. Air cooling may be sufficient, but also water cooling may be an ... (last changed by RalfKaiser) 2006-08-22T16:41:06Z RalfKaiser WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this Cerenkov/Pandacerenkov web. This is a convenient service, so you do ... (last changed by AlbertLehmann) 2006-08-15T12:49:44Z AlbertLehmann GiessenDirc A new concept for the PANDA Endcap DIRC was proposed by the Giessen group in June 2006, incorporating both the time of propagation (TOP) technique and a chromatic ... (last changed by MarkusEhrenfried) 2006-08-14T06:44:32Z MarkusEhrenfried FocussingLightguide FocussingLightguide Optimisation routine for lightguide coefficients End of June 2006 I have asked our Edinburgh workshop to build two of the lightguides as ... (last changed by KlausFoehl) 2006-07-28T16:46:03Z KlausFoehl EndcapDirc Environment: For assembly, installation, operation and maintenance we need a temperature stabilised, humidity controlled environment. Might want to flush the surfaces ... (last changed by BjoernSeitz) 2006-07-18T11:56:47Z BjoernSeitz DircBarrel * Evironment requirements like temperature, humidity: We assume that the target hall is climatized to room temperature and humidity is controlled to prevent dew ... (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-07-10T13:26:13Z CarstenSchwarz RefractiveIndex * Refractive Index of acryllic glass Main.CarstenSchwarz 07 Jul 2006 (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-07-07T09:27:24Z CarstenSchwarz DataSheets * RefractiveIndex * TransmissionCurves Main.CarstenSchwarz 19 May 2006 (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-07-07T09:23:16Z CarstenSchwarz IntegrationIssues Add points to list and find answers to points: Detectors * DircBarrel * EndcapDirc * ForwardRich Points to address * Evironment requirements like temperature ... (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-06-29T15:24:57Z CarstenSchwarz WebHome Welcome to the home of PANDA Wiki.Cerenkov/Pandacerenkov. This is a web based collaboration area for the members of the Cerenkov group of the PANDA collaboration ... (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-06-29T15:13:05Z CarstenSchwarz DesignItems DesignItems * FocussingLightguide Main.KlausFoehl 05 May 2006 * GiessenDirc Main.MarkusEhrenfried 07 Jun 2006 This page is part of Pandcerenkov WebHome (last changed by MarkusEhrenfried) 2006-06-13T10:04:55Z MarkusEhrenfried MomentumRange Momentum Range for Panda Cherenkov detectors As requested in the Glasgow meeting, I have written up the results of my simulation concerning the required momentum range ... (last changed by AleksandraWronska) 2006-06-07T11:22:25Z AleksandraWronska WebTopicList * MomentumRange See also the verbose WebIndex. * giessendirc_v1.0.pdf: Multi Chromatic TOP Endcap DIRC draft v1.0 by M. Düren et al. (last changed by AleksandraWronska) 2006-06-07T11:10:32Z AleksandraWronska TimelinesandNames Timelines and Names Personell FTEs and actual people today and prospected to the end of 2006, obviously not enough * Cracow 0.3 FTE (1 person) * Dubna ... (last changed by GeorgSchepers) 2006-05-26T11:36:49Z GeorgSchepers TransmissionCurves * Quartz * St. Gobain / Russian glass industry * * Plexiglass * Main.CarstenSchwarz ... (last changed by CarstenSchwarz) 2006-05-19T15:00:40Z CarstenSchwarz

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