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Timelines and Names

Personell FTEs and actual people

today and prospected to the end of 2006, obviously not enough
  • Cracow 0.3 FTE (1 person)
  • Dubna 5 FTE (5 people)
  • Edinburgh 0.5 FTE (3 people)
  • Erlangen 0.5 FTE (2 people)
  • Ferrara 1.2 FTE (2 people)
  • Giessen 1.8 FTE (4 people)
  • Glasgow 2-4.5 FTE (>5 people)
  • GSI 2.2 FTE (6 people)
  • Mainz ? FTE (? people)
  • Vienna >0.6 FTE (2 people)


1 Cerenkov group rather then 3 subdetector groups

  • Coordination:
    • C. Schwarz, G. Schepers (both GSI)
    • R. Kaiser, B. Seitz (both Glasgow)

  • Exchange of information:
    • Forum and Wiki (no hypernews)

  • Meetings:
    • 1 Meeting every month via VRVS
    • 1 Subgroup Meeting at every Collaboration Meeting,
    • 1 Workshop/year, 2007 in Ferrara

Hardware, Institutes:


  • Quartz
(GSI, Glasgow , polishing: Dubna, Ferrara)

  • Plexiglas, other plastics
(GSI, Giessen)

  • Aero gel
(no R&D needed)

Mechanics (Edinburgh, Glasgow)

Optics (general issue for all)
  • lenses
  • mirrors
  • fused fibers


  • PMTs


  • HPDs

  • MCP
(Erlangen, Giessen, Glasgow)

  • SAPDs
(Silicon PMT) (Vienna, Dubna)


Conceptual design:

Working force (Conceptual design & Software)

Cracow (0.3, Forward)

Edinburgh (0.3, Disk)

Ferrara (1.0, Barrel)

Giessen (>0.5, Disc)

Glasgow (>1.3, Magnet, Reco)

GSI (>0.2, Barrel)

  • Concept coordination
B. Seitz (Glasgow)

  • Simulation, ray-tracing
A. Cecchi (Ferrara) asap adapting BaBar code for Panda use report Sep06

  • TOP
K. Foehl (Edinburgh), feasibility for disc report Jun06

  • 3D
G. Schepers, C. Schwarz (GSI) report Dec06

  • DISC
R. Schmidt (Giessen) report Sep06

  • Barrel
G. Schepers, C. Schwarz (GSI) report Sep06

  • Endcap Fallback (same as barrel)
N.N. (Glasgow) report Sep06

  • Dispersion correction
N.N. (Glasgow) report Sep06


  • Geometry (Simulation/Reco)
A. Cecchi (Ferrara) DIRC A. Wronska (Cracow) Forward RICH

  • XML derived from Step Files

  • Simulation
K. Götzen (GSI) Fast Simulation A. Cecchi (Ferrara) Full Simulation (part of conceptual design)

  • (on hold) Condition database

  • calibration, alignment, likelihood constants, net weights Reconstruction
A. Cecchi (Ferrara) Adaption of Babar code for Barrel DIRC N.N. (Glasgow) RICH reconstruction

DIRC Radiator:

  • Plexiglas, Quarz
G. Schepers, C. Sfienti, C. Schwarz (all GSI) *Quarz N.N.n (all Dubna)

Radiator Questions artificial fused silica (St. Gobain/Schott) plexiglas xs extruded (slabs) h_da gs polymerization between glass (sheets) Degussa/Röhm

plexiglas * surface quality (xs, gs) plexiglas (p) and quartz (q) thermal stress mechanical stress/gravity light absorption/attenuation diffraction radiation hardness optical homogeneity

DIRC Photon Detectors:

  • TOP

lifetime of channel plate PMT reference time (TOP) verification of the TOP principle time resolution/electronics

A. Lehmann, Teufel (Erlangen) PMT issues N.N. (?) time reference and resolution issues

  • 3D

test single time resolution dark count vs. temperature/after pulse tradeoff size mirrors reference time SAPD or MCPPMT

N.N. (Dubna), N.N. (Vienna) [INTAS Open Call]

  • PMT
mechanics/infrastructure reference design BaBar influence by magnetic field simulations improvements (mirror, HPD, MCP,...)

A. Lehmann, Teufel (both Erlangen) PMT and alternatives N.N. (Glasgow) magnetic field studies N.N. (?) potential mirrors

DIRC Endcap:

  • Fallback solution needed
copy Barrel DIRC concept straight material readout outside magnet (through yoke) alternating sides holes in the magnet hole in the middle effect on muon counters simulation muon coverage loss

N.N.2 (Glasgow)

  • Radiator
radiation hardness (may be harder then in barrel) geometry (single piece, pizza slice) silica size, plexiglas thickness; simulation shape of slices

R. Schmidt (Gießen), N.N. (?)

  • Photon detection
see barrel (channel plate PMT, SAPD in magn. field, confined space)

Forward RICH:

  • Radiator
Aero gel (+C4F10) no R&D

  • Readout
    • PMT (multi-channel, HPD)

A. Lehmann, Teufel (both Erlangen)

    • via mirrors (1 or 2)

N.N. (?)

  • Geometry

size of the focal plane/photon detector array

N.N. (?)

  • Cost estimates
R. Kaiser (Glasgow)

  • Simulations
A. Wronska (Cracow) XML file N.N. (?) (Full simulations)

-- GeorgSchepers - 15 May 2006
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