List of items and tasks

to do for the Cerenkov R&D for PANDA. Please feel free to add and change things. If you delete items you should inform the author or everybody if author unknown.

Beside of other use, this list in moment aims for next BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research) funding applications. Following groups are involved directly

  • Uni Giessen
  • Uni Mainz
  • Uni Erlangen,

all other groups like

  • GSI Darmstadt
  • SMI Vienna
  • Uni Edinburgh
  • Uni Glasgow
  • JINR Dubna

are involved to participate from synergetic effects or differently phrased, to prevent that things are done or bought multiple times.


  • Quartz slabs
    • Lithotec slabs (4 pieces ordered by GSI)
    • Russian slabs (pending INTAS proposal)

  • Plexiglass
    • Samples from Roehm, Darmstadt

Photon detection

  • General readout schemes
    • Two dimensional readout (x,y)
    • "One" dimensional readout (x,t)
    • Three dimensional readout (x,y,t)

  • Dispersion correction

  • Photomultipliers

  • APD arrays (SMI Vienna interest)

  • Silicon PMT

  • Channel plate PMT

Mechanical construction



-- CarstenSchwarz - 14 Sep 2005

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