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Barrel DIRC Meetings * gr_28aug08_cs.odp: Hadron Physics 1 group report DIRC HOUGH
Environment: For assembly, installation, operation and maintenance we need a temperature stabilised, humidity controlled environment. Might want to flush the surfaces ...
1st version of MCP PMT mount * mcp_halter_v1.pdf: MCP mount Version1 * burle_hv_divider_1_2010.pdf: Burle MCP PMT HV divider
* ItemsAndTasks * GsiRadiatorTestStand * DataSheets * link to original KVI proposal * GeigerAPD * NinoChipEvaluationBoard * BarrelDirc
Timelines and Names Personell FTEs and actual people today and prospected to the end of 2006, obviously not enough * Cracow 0.3 FTE (1 person) * Dubna ...
RICH07 Triest 15. 20.10.2007 * Find here attached the PANDA contributions (Talks and Proceedings) for the RICH07 in Trieste * Performance Studies of Microchannel ...
May 2006 58 0 0 30 WebHome 10 TimelinesandNames 2 ResearchAndDevelopment 2 ItemsAndTasks 1 DesignItems 1 TransmissionCurves ...
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