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Minutes of the forward endcap EMC eZuce SRN meeting, 18th of July 2016, 14:00-15:10


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  • There are mock-ups in the works to mechanically test for connectability, mounting sequence etc.
  • For I2C cabling the barrel 'Bedea' cable seems to be probably not suitable (too tiny), Christoph will ask for a suitable cable w/ two differential lines plus one power line in a 3...4 mm overall diameter cable

HV module repair:

  • We will send all broken HV modules to ISEG and await offers for repair
  • We will send three broken HV modules to ISEG and await offers for repair.
  • We will continue testing until all HV modules currently in Bochum have been screened

Irradiation of 'inner endcap wall' material candidates:

  • Hans reported of 'plastic smell' at the end of an exposure to 1000 Gy of four different foam test pieces
  • It is unclear what piece caused the smell
  • He will send back the pieces to Bochum for evaluation of material deterioration
  • Once we decided for a material we will need to test it at twice the dose as 1000 Gy may be a too short estimate for the inner walls
-- ThomasHeld - 21 Jul 2016

Added details regarding HV module repair -- TobiasTriffterer - 21 Jul 2016
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