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META TOPICPARENT name="DataAcquisition"

QDC V862 from CAEN

Input cable for signals and individual gates

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  • Signals: From the test stand the negative signal is fed in a 2 pair ECL cable (geometry, not electrical standard) and plugged in the ECL plug with the first 32 channels. There is an arrow on the plug, which normally indicates channel 0. This arrow side needs positive voltage, the other side negative voltage (signal).
  • Individual gates: The individual gates enter the second 32 channels. Here, the arrow side needs negative voltage.

ECL input cable at bottom


Bottom ECL plug

  • Common gate: This is also applicable to an above positioned Lemo plug.
  • RST Reset line: If it is not plugged in: it works. If it is right plugged in (positive) left: it works. If it is wrong plugged in: data are not taken and the error message of DREADY appears.
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