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Minutes of the Forward Tracking Meeting, 01 February 2013, EVO, 10.00


General Items

  • Stefano Spataro
  • Elisa Fioravanti
  • Isabella Garzia
  • Mauro Savrie'
  • Jerzy Smyrski
  • Martin Galuska
  • Jacek Biernat
  • Soeren Lange
  • Manoj Jadhav

Analysis reports

  • Elisa shows the acceptance studies done with pions in a theta range of 0-10 degrees as suggested during the last collaboration meeting. She shows also the effect of the multiple scattering of the beam pipe that is visible only on the first two chambers using Box Generator. She also shows the resolution studies done for three different skew angles: 0, 5 and 10 degrees. For the acceptance studies the suggestion is to check if selecting only the solenoid or the dipole magnetic field we don't miss some part of the field. The second suggestion is to investigate why in some distributions there are two high density points and not only one. The third suggestion is to check is the RICH geometry is right and if it is right to lose so many events after the RICH detector. About the resolution studies we have to check why the resolution on x and z are not similar and we have to study the resolution using the firstpoint.
  • 01February_Fioravanti.pdf: (E. Fioravanti) Acceptance and resolution studies
  • Jacek shows his presentation about occupancy studies. He shows the occupancy plots using two different beam pipe setup: the first one is the standard one and the second is a setup where the valves that caused seconday particles are removed. The situation for the second beam pipe configuration is improved in terms of occupancy. The multiplicity and the occupancy studies are very important for pattern recognition. The suggestions are to continue also the studies with the cut on the minimum energy losses and with different target (as reported on the first EVO meeting)
  • sim_fts_newp.pdf: (J. Biernat) FT Occupancy studies
  • Martin shows his work about the pattern recognition on the FTS chambers. He has some improvements: from parabola system to the detector one; and also there are improvements in pz resolution of 3%. He presented all these results at the 51st International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics (January, 21 – 25) with a poster and a talk contributions. Also he is going to present results at DPG Spring Meeting (March, 4 – 8). The to-do list contains the inclusion of skewed straws and the "rewriting" of the code as task in PandaRoot.
  • 20130201-Galuska-FTS-PR-FTS-Evo.pdf: (M. Galuska) Pattern Recognition on FT


Presentations of EVO Forward Tracking Meeting (01 February 2013)

The next EVO meeting will be the week after the GOA collaboration meeting. A doodle will be prepared to decide the data. A password will be include for the following EVO Forward Tracking Meeting. Stay tuned!

Presentations of EVO Forward Tracking Meeting (04 December 2012)

-- ElisaFioravanti - 04 Feb 2013

01February_Fioravanti.pdfpdf01February_Fioravanti.pdfmanage 4438.5 K 01 Feb 2013 - 08:26ElisaFioravanti Acceptance and resolution studies
20130201-Galuska-FTS-PR-FTS-Evo.pdfpdf20130201-Galuska-FTS-PR-FTS-Evo.pdfmanage 3700.8 K 31 Jan 2013 - 21:29MartinJGaluska Martin Galuska, presentation for FTS Meeting of 2012/02/01
MGaluska.pdfpdfMGaluska.pdfmanage 2482.6 K 31 Jan 2013 - 18:33MartinJGaluska Galuska, Poster as presented at 51st International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
sim_fts_newp.pdfpdfsim_fts_newp.pdfmanage 569.4 K 01 Feb 2013 - 08:58ElisaFioravanti Occupancy studies

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