Difference: TimingBarrel (r10 vs. r9)

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Detector requirements

Finding the detector requirements from the physical program is the task of the PID-TAG group. See there for details.

Timing information for the target spectrometer is helpful for PID and for cleaning up of events. For this an excellent time resolution in the order of 100 ps is needed.

The material budget should be kept as low as possible in order not produce too many electron showers. These showers deteriorate the performance of the EMC. The barrel DIRC has a (perpendicular) radiation length of 17% and causes in forward direction up to 30% of showers. These numbers indicate a upper threshold of the TOF material budget of 10% and less.


There are three envisaged TOF candidates A device which mets all above criteria is the

It is a system of small scintillator tiles read out by SiPM diodes.

Report on the Motivation of the Barrel Time-of-Flight Detector for PANDA

barreltof-tag.pdfTOF_T10_test_June_2012_1.pdfpdfbarreltof-tag.pdf TOF_T10_test_June_2012_1.pdf manage926.9 1818.0 K 14 Jan 2011 19 Oct 2012 - 15:51 09:20 CarstenSchwarz Motivation of the Barrel Time-of-Flight Detector for PANDA SiPM test experiment at CERN (F.Guber)
barreltof-tag.pdfpdfbarreltof-tag.pdfmanage 926.9 K 14 Jan 2011 - 15:51CarstenSchwarz Motivation of the Barrel Time-of-Flight Detector for PANDA

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