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cjt_source_crosssection.png Cross section of the PANDA source. Beam direction top to bottom.
cjt_source.jpg Cross section of the PANDA source and vacuum system.
cjt_source2.jpg Cross section of the PANDA source and vacuum system.
skimmerchamber.png Cross section of skimmer chamber. Beam direction into the plain.
collimatorchamber.png Cross section of collimator chamber. Beam direction into the plain.
clusterbeam_skimmerchamber.png Photo of the skimmer chamber. Visible is the cluster-jet beam from top to bottom.
Skimmer visible on the bottom.
clusterbeam_skimmertip.png Photo of the cluster-jet beam (true and false colour). Visible are the two highly intensese core beams.
PumpingStation.jpg Pumping station of the cluster-jet target.
source_frame_pumpingstation.jpg Cluster-jet source setup, its support frame and pumping station.
source_frame_pumpingstation2.jpg Cluster-jet source setup, its support frame and pumping station.
source_supportframe.jpg Cluster-Jet source in its support frame.
SnapConnectors.jpg Snap connectors, connecting the cluster-jet source with the beamline at Münster.
Beam direction top to bottom.
PANDAFull.jpg Cluster-Jet target and full PANDA setup.
PANDAFull2.jpg Cluster-Jet target and full PANDA setup.
PANDABeamline.png Cluster-jet target, PANDA beamline, and beam dump. Cluster-jet beam direction from top to bottom.
panda_at_wasa.jpg PANDA cluster-jet target at COSY. Located at the former WASA-at-COSY target spot.

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