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PANDA TAG Tracking

Minutes for 6th of Februar:

present: A. Braghieri, K.-T. Brinkmann, P. Gianotti, O. Hartmann, B. Ketzer, S. Neubert, J. Ritman, L. Schmitt, M. Steinke, J. Symrski, F. Hügging.

Top 1: Requirements, Requirements Design Choices and Simulation questions

Paola summarized the requirements and open simulation questions of the STT option for the Central tracker. The details can be found in her presentation pdf-file.

Top 2: Requirements, Design Choices and Simulation questions

Among others one point will be the evaluation whether PID via dE/dx measurements is possible. First rough simulation showed that a pion kaon separation up to 700 _MeV/c might be possible. Especially the the readout technology (ADC vs _ToT) for analog signal must be investigated.


Top 2: Requirements and Simulation questions
Top 4: Design choice CT

Bernhard presented the requirements and simulation questions for the TPC, details can be taken from pdf-file. He emphasizes that the basic figures of merit for the physics performance of the CT must be the same for both options. In particular he suggested 4 main _FoMs:

  1. Point resolution vs. θ, pT for single tracks, for D0, K decay vertices and for hyperon decay vertices.
  2. Momentum resolution vs. θ, pT for single tracks and hyperons.
  3. Reconstruction efficiency for single tracks and hyperons.
  4. Reconstruction efficiency & purity w/ pile-up and realistic background conditions for single tracks and hyperons.

Additionally the material budget in terms of X0, λI vs θ, φ and the dE/dx separation power vs p must be considered because they deliver important input parameters for other sub-detectors like the PID detectors and the calorimeters. This was agreed upon the participants and should be presented accordingly in the final TAG document.

Lars mentioned that also feasibility studies have to be included to the simulation program; to a certain extend they are included in the detector performance optimization studies but they should be mentioned more explicitly.

Top 4: Design choice Central Tracker
Top 4: Any other business

-- FabianHuegging - 07 Feb 2007

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