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Agenda of the 6th meeting, GSI, 20.09.2007

  • PID with a ToF detector for a secondary target experiment, Presentation, Alicia Sanchez
  • News from the Muon Counters, Presentation, Marco Maggiora
  • Definition for Separation Power, Discussion, all

Remark: For a status report of the PID TAG work (Georg Schepers) and an Endcap RICH Review (Bjoern Seitz) given at the PANDA Technical Board meeting duricng this PANDA meeting see: http://panda-wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/Tagpid/TasksandResults.

Results and Decisions

  • PID with a ToF detector for a secondary target experiment
    • Alicia Sanchez (Univ. Mainz) presented her ideas of a ToF detector surrounding her Secondary Vertex Detector for Hypernucliei Experiments. She made simulations with ToF detectors in front of the Barel DIRC and arround her Vertex Detector installed by her in PANDAroot (the latter is a build up with fibers).
  • News from the Muon Counters
    • Marco Maggiora showed that in 80% of the cases one of the two muons comming from the Drell-Young-Process (at 14Gev7c) will go into the Forward Endcap region. An identification via a Muon Detector placed in the Endcap would reduce the dipion background sufficiently. Alternativly the Muon group is searching (until December 07) for kinematic cuts to eliminate the pions.
  • Definition for Separation Power
    • It was quoted and agreed that it is very important to have one clear definition of the separation power when we want to decide in the TAG for the most powerful detector setup, when we want to give recomendations to the collaboration and last but not least when we want to give presentations on conferences.
    • To initiate the discussion we had two contributions to different definitions on the Seperation Power:
      • separationpower.ppt: Michael Düren on separation power definition.
      • klausfoehl.sigma3.gsi2007sept21.pdf: Klaus Foehl on separation definition
        • The discussion made clear that there are also in different experiments different definitions used.
        • One definition which is more conservative Nsigma=(Mean1-Mean2)/(sigma1+sigma2) gives the numbers of sigma (Nsigma) being directly connected with the probability of identification (3sigma separation meaning 99% of identified particles).
        • Another Nsigma=(Mean1-Mean2)/((sigma1+sigma2)/2) is already used by other experiments (e.g. CLEO). Also the definition of Nsigma found in the Particle Data Book (Volume 33, July 2006, p. 278) is connected with this proposed formula but names it the separation in sigma units of the gaussian distribution obtained by a (Cherenkov) detector for two particle species rather than the separation power of this detector.
    • The TAG decided to have a decision on the definition of the separation power before the RICH Conference (15th to 20th of Oktober 07). Klaus Foehl will collect informations from experts from other experiments.
  • next meeting (vrvs) should take place two weeks after this meeting

As of 2007-09-24, I have one reply, from Christian Joram at CERN. Regarding the name, he is using "Resolving Power", but he does not think that there is a firmly established name. He is giving two references: T. Ypsilantis et al., NIM A 343 (1994) 30-51, formulas 11 and 12 ; also used by Glaessel and others: NIM A 433 (1999) 17-23, formulas 18 and 19. Both papers are proceedings of introductory overview talks to previous RICH conferences, all these formula are of the |position1-position2|/sigma type. -- KlausFoehl - 24 Sep 2007

-- GeorgSchepers - 20 Sep 2007

-- KlausFoehl - 04 Oct 2007

  • PNG image of the one slide shown:
    PNG image of the one slide shown

temporary starage:

200709.status_report_Darmstadt.pub.pptppt200709.status_report_Darmstadt.pub.pptmanage 1462.0 K 21 Sep 2007 - 08:35GeorgSchepers Status of the Muon Counters
ASanchez-PandaMtingPID-20-09-2007.pptpptASanchez-PandaMtingPID-20-09-2007.pptmanage 543.5 K 21 Sep 2007 - 08:34GeorgSchepersToF Detector for second vertex experiments
klausfoehl.sigma3.gsi2007sept21.pdfpdfklausfoehl.sigma3.gsi2007sept21.pdfmanage 37.7 K 20 Sep 2007 - 16:09KlausFoehl Klaus Foehl on separation definition
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klausfoehl.sigma4.gsi2007sept21.pngpngklausfoehl.sigma4.gsi2007sept21.pngmanage 13.3 K 26 Sep 2007 - 09:14KlausFoehl PNG image of the one slide shown
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klausfoehl_sigma3_gsi2007sept21.pdfpdfklausfoehl_sigma3_gsi2007sept21.pdfmanage 37.7 K 04 Oct 2007 - 15:26LarsSchmitt The same with changed name
klausfoehlsigma4gsi2007sept21again.pdfpdfklausfoehlsigma4gsi2007sept21again.pdfmanage 407.1 K 04 Oct 2007 - 16:04GeorgSchepers Separation Power definitions
separationpower.pptpptseparationpower.pptmanage 62.5 K 21 Sep 2007 - 08:37GeorgSchepers Definition of Separation Power - Contribution to the Discussion

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