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5. PID TAG Meeting (27.3.2007)


  • "New steps"

Results and Decisions

  • e+ e- Studies
    • Bertram Kopf showed the good progress in the analysis of pbar p -> e+e- data with the help of a Neural Network. Pion background supression of 10**6 is already possible with an uncomplete set of detectors included.
  • ToF Parametrization
    • Aida Galoyan presented the parametrization of the Barrel ToF. Kaon-Pion-separation for low momenta (complemetary to the Barrel DIRC) are calculated for different angles.
  • Endcap Cherenkov
    • The discussion after Klaus Föhls and Micheal Dürens presentations made clear that the simulation and comparison of the three Endcap Imaging Cherenkov Counters, i.e. the Focussing Disc DIRC, the Time of Propagation Disc DIRC and the Proximity Focussing RICH need more precise imput. It was proposed and decided to put a table of simulation parameters on the PID TAG-Wiki and to fix common properties that makes the advantages of one or the othor detector more visible.
  • Michela Greco showed the status of the Muon Counters and the necessity of having counters already after less than 40 cm of iron.
  • Decisions:
    • Table of simulation parameters for the Endcap detectors, Klaus Föhl, Micheal Düren, Georg Schepers
    • The envisaged Cherenkov meeting in Erlangen (15.-16.05.2007) should be dedicated to the discussion about a solution for the Endcap

-- GeorgSchepers - 10 Apr 2007

EplusEminusStudies.pdfpdfEplusEminusStudies.pdfmanage 631.7 K 10 Apr 2007 - 15:32GeorgSchepers Three Endcap Solutions
PID_TAG_Ge07_bussa.pptpptPID_TAG_Ge07_bussa.pptmanage 1636.5 K 10 Apr 2007 - 15:34GeorgSchepers Muon Counter
endcap.assess.genova2.pptpptendcap.assess.genova2.pptmanage 1573.5 K 10 Apr 2007 - 15:40GeorgSchepers Three Endcap Solutions
galoyan_03_07.pptpptgaloyan_03_07.pptmanage 2580.0 K 10 Apr 2007 - 15:31GeorgSchepersToF Parametrization

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