Difference: TasksandResults (r17 vs. r16)

Requirements for the PID-Detectors

Basic Informations about the PID Detectors

  • TpC
    • Q. Weitzel / B. Ketzer / S. Neubert

Status report PANDA meeting GSI 13.12.2006

* PID-TAG-Report_13.12.2006.ppt: Presentation Georg Schepers for the PID TAG

-- GeorgSchepers- 28 Mar 26 Feb 2006

DIRC-TAG-Report_13.12.2006.pptPID-TAG-Report_13.12.2006.pptpptDIRC-TAG-Report_13.12.2006.ppt PID-TAG-Report_13.12.2006.ppt manage3537.0 3659.0 K 19 Dec 2006 26 Feb 2007 - 10:17 12:32 GeorgSchepers Presentation Georg Schepers for the PID TAG

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