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Welcome to the PANDA Scrutiny Group Web

Welcome to the ScrutinyGroup Web


The Scrutiny Process

Staff related to scrutiny process


The PANDA Scrutiny Group worked out questionnaires appointed to review the project status of PANDA and to make physics-driven suggestions for a possibly stretched installation schedule towards the full PANDA detector. This includes an understanding of the current status and progress of the detector as given by all sub-detector and non-detector components, and an understanding of which parts of the PANDA physics program can already be realized in the first years of running on reduced luminosity with a not yet completely installed detector.

Available Information


The scrutiny process is reliant on the contributions, the work, and the expertise of many people in PANDA. If you have any questions or remarks concerning the questions in the questionnaires or concerning the scrutiny procedure, please ask the scrutiny group via mail to panda-sg@gsi.de. We will contact you on a short time scale.

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Available Documents


ScrutinyGroup Web Utilities

ScrutinyGroup Web Utilities

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