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Charmonium and Exotics Working Group Meeting

Date: May 9, 2014

Participants: Betram Bertram Kopf, Diego Bettoni, DIma Dima Melnychuk, Elisa Fioravanti, Frank Nerling, Klaus Goetzen, Götzen, Malte Albrecht, Matthias Steinke, Paola Gianotti, Ralf Kliemt, Stefano Spataro, Torsten Schroeder Schröder


In the beginning of the meeting Marc was addressing general issues. Zhiquin will not be able to work on the study for spin-exotic charmonium hybrid in production before June. Since the deadline for the scrutiny report is end of this month, the results of this study will not be included in the report. However, the channel was studied in detail in the physics book. These studies show, that it is very challenging and not feasible with the reduced luminosity scenarios. In addition, searches for charmonium hybrids in other production channels with a similar event topology are currently under study for the scrutiny report. So there is no urgent need to find a replacement and the group will continue what has started so far.

Torsten presented his analysis on glueball searches in pbar p -> K+ K- pi0 and K+ K- pi0 pi0 at beam momenta of 2 and 15 GeV/c2. Beside the signal significance the angluar angular distributions will define the figure of merit for this analysis. Larger background sampes samples including further, strong background channels will be generated. The efforts will be prioritrized in the way that K+ K- pi0 channel at 2 GeV/c will be studied first. Torsten will check if generic DPM samplesare samples are available at GSI.

Frank summarized the staus status of the analyses at GSI, which are focusing on search for exotic charmonium states. So far pbar p -> J/psi pi+ pi- and pbar p -> eta_c pi+ pi- have been investigated. A larger DPM background sample was generated. The signal significance is defined as the figure of merit. Based on the time to reach a significance of 5 the channels can be categorized as feasabile feasible or not with the given luminosity. The proposed categorization scheme was accepted by the group to be use used for the other channels. However, the minimal required number of reconstructed events should also be taken into account, which can shift the required time upwards. The next step would be to study different detector setups and then add other recoil systems.

Dima presented the status of the h_c mass and width measurement in h_c -> eta_c gamma. The simulation has been performed previously for the physcis physics book. The efficiency obtained in FastSim is about a factor of two higher than for the previous study. Split-offs, which are not accounted for in the FastSim, could be the reason for the observed deviation. Dima will investigate this issue. Klaus wil will check if it is possible to include a parameterization for splitt-offs split-offs into the FastSim.

Elisa gave an update about the chi_c analysis. The amplitude parameters extracted from the analysis are in good agreement with the input to the simulation, providing a figure of merit for this channel. Elisa will now include background channels and study different detector options.

In the discussion after Torsten's talk Stefano as represntitive representative of the Computing Group was asked to investigate the possibility to run the simulation and analysis together without persiting persisting the generated events. Considering the I/O overhead this approach could be faster and would be less stroage strorage demanding.

The next meeting will be on Friday, May 16 at 11:30 am.

Material for discussion:

-- MarcPelizaeus - 08 May 2014

8May.pdfpdf8May.pdfmanage 713.6 K 09 May 2014 - 09:20ElisaFioravanti (E. Fioravanti) chi_cj analysis
D.Melnychuk,hc,09052014.pdfpdfD.Melnychuk,hc,09052014.pdfmanage 182.9 K 09 May 2014 - 09:24DimaMelnychuk h_c analysis (D.Melnychuk)
PandaScrut_KpKmpi0_2014_05_09.pdfpdfPandaScrut_KpKmpi0_2014_05_09.pdfmanage 640.6 K 09 May 2014 - 09:17TorstenSchroeder Analysis pbarp->K+K-pi0, K+K-pi0pi0
nerling_scrut_exotics_20140509.pdfpdfnerling_scrut_exotics_20140509.pdfmanage 1253.5 K 09 May 2014 - 10:38FrankNerling Scrutiny activities at GSI -- status report

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