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Welcome to the Physics/Baryons web

Baryon physics

This is the wiki page of the working group on baryon spectroscopy.

Study Excited States of:

  • Nucleon and Δ
  • Λ and Σ
  • Ξ
  • Ω
  • Λ_c and Σ_c
  • N_cc (hidden charm states)

Working Group


Contributing Groups

  • Univ. Basel
  • Univ. Bonn
  • Univ. Giessen
  • KVI Groningen
  • JCHP/FZ Jülich
  • IHEP Protvino
  • Uppsala Univerity


  • Tuesday, April 8, 2014


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Physics/Baryons Web Utilities

SG-physics-questionnaire-1_BSp_140616.pdfpdfSG-physics-questionnaire-1_BSp_140616.pdfmanage 105.1 K 17 Jun 2014 - 06:28AlbrechtGillitzer Answer to the 1st Physics Questionnaire of the Scrutiny Group
ZeroWidthStates.pdfpdfZeroWidthStates.pdfmanage 1071.7 K 04 May 2017 - 06:49AlbrechtGillitzer resonances are created with zero width by Geant and FTF
schoenning_baryon_panda_v1.pdfpdfschoenning_baryon_panda_v1.pdfmanage 1166.4 K 07 Jun 2015 - 20:05KarinSchoenning Draft of talk at the CM/Physics Workshop
schoenning_baryon_panda_v2.pdfpdfschoenning_baryon_panda_v2.pdfmanage 1352.7 K 09 Jun 2015 - 14:09KarinSchoenning New version of the talk

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