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Charmonium Spectroscopy: pp->J/Ψ η


Diego Bettoni, Ferrara


Torsten Schröder, Marc Pelizäus, Bochum

Decay Modes

pp→ηc(2S)→J/ψ η

pp→X(3872)->J/ψ η

pp→Y(4260)->J/ψ η

50%: J/Ψ -> e+e-

50%: J/Ψ -> μ+μ-

η -> γ γ

Background Channels

pp->J/Ψ η η

pp->J/Ψ η π0

pp->J/Ψ π0 π0

pp->J/Ψ η γ

pp->J/Ψ π0 γ


  • pad0001.pdf: Panda Note: Charmonium and Charmonium Hybrids (preliminary)
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MP14-070702_dubnaAnalysis.pdfpdfMP14-070702_dubnaAnalysis.pdfmanage 369.3 K 21 Sep 2007 - 14:33MarcPelizaeus Presentation at Dubna Collaboration Meeting
mp_gsiMar08.pdfpdfmp_gsiMar08.pdfmanage 74.0 K 06 Mar 2008 - 12:48MarcPelizaeus Collab. Meeting, Mar 2008
mp_gsiSepAna.pdfpdfmp_gsiSepAna.pdfmanage 259.2 K 21 Sep 2007 - 14:39MarcPelizaeus Presentation at GSI Meeting, September 16
pad0001.pdfpdfpad0001.pdfmanage 425.4 K 06 Sep 2008 - 13:05BertramKopf Panda Note: Charmonium and Charmonium Hybrids

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