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https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Announcement Guest account and daq account for hadron physics 2 at GSI have been issued. For details, please write to yma #64;gsi.de Main.YueMa 12 Mar 2010 New member on ... (last changed by DavidRodriguezPineiro) 2015-04-09T14:34:00Z DavidRodriguezPineiro

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Article:ppbar-e+e- Minutes: Minutes of the meetings related with the paper concerning the analysis of pbarp e e with PandaRoot Article Versions: Article Versions given in pdf and ... (last changed by EgleTomasi) 2015-01-26T19:36:41Z EgleTomasi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/OtherMaterial * Dmitry's contribution: * lab2cm.eps geometrical acceptance of some panda detectors in the pbarp cm farme updated 27.06.2014 * emc_cluster_size_p3.3.eps ... (last changed by DmitryKhaneft) 2014-06-27T07:46:43Z DmitryKhaneft

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/ArticleVersions The different versions of the paper, as pdf and tex file: * version0.1.pdf: version0.1.pdf * version0.1.tex: version0.1.tex Main.MariaCarmenMoraEspi 15 May ... (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-15T14:59:17Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Minutes In the following you can find the minutes of the meetings we have had so far concerning the paper related with the simulation and the analysis of pbarp e e done ... (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-15T14:57:34Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/WebHome Welcome to the home of PANDA Wiki.PANDAMainz This is a web based collaboration area for Helmholtz Institut Mainz Information and activities carried out at Prof. Maas ... (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-15T14:40:47Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/NewMinutesPaperEpEm2014 Main.MariaCarmenMoraEspi 15 May 2014 (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-15T14:32:16Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/MinutesPaperEpEm2014 Minutes of the meetings held with Egle Tomasi in Mainz: * resume 6 5 14.pdf: Minutes of the meeting on May 6th, 2014 * resume 7 5 14.pdf: Minutes of the meeting ... (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-15T14:30:05Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/InfoArticle Title: Bla, bla, bla... Section 1: This is just a test about what we wanna do. Section 2: This is the second part of the text Page created by: Main.MariaCarmenMoraEspi ... (last changed by MariaCarmenMoraEspi) 2014-05-07T13:19:55Z MariaCarmenMoraEspi

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Documentation Hardware Software Home of Mainz (last changed by RoserioPW) 2014-04-27T16:29:19Z RoserioPW

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/EventGenerators Event Generators twoPionGen A Monte Carlo event generator for the process %$\bar{p} p \rightarrow \pi^ \pi^ $%, when both the proton target and the https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Articles Bachelor thesis * O. Noll: Vorbereitende Studien zum Bau eines Prototyp Kalorimeters für das PANDA Experiments * P. Lautz: Vorarbeiten zur Entwicklung eines Datenaufnahmealgorithmus antiproton beam ... (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2013-12-12T15:43:35Z 2012-12-18T10:40:12Z RobertoPerezBenito

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2012May31 https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2012April31 Group Meeting at Mainz 31th May 30th April 2012 * Dexu Lin: APD Measurement Ceballos Velasco, Jorge: Status Report * Question during the presentation * Angular resolution Valente, Roserio: BWEC Carbon Fiber Alveoli Home of the EMC backward Mainz Meeting Minutes endcup ... (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2012-06-22T13:31:18Z 2012-05-04T14:40:48Z RobertoPerezBenito

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2012May03 https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2012April05 Group Meeting at Mainz 3th May 5th April 2012 * Iris Zimmerman: Muon System at PANDA Dexu Lin: GiBUU Simulation for Antiproton Nucleus Collision * Angular coverage Keith Griffioen: Study of muon 0.8° to Timelike Form Factors 136° * Muon emitted at angles up to ... (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2012-05-11T10:41:58Z 2012-04-19T16:11:32Z RobertoPerezBenito

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2011Nov17 Group Meeting at https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Hardware Backward Electromagnetic Calorimeter Mainz 17th November 2011 * Dmitry Khaneft: Feasibility studies of BW back and Cooler: Jorge Proton electromagnetic form factors with the PANDA detector * MC pbarp ... David.zip: David Home of Mainz (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2011-11-21T18:01:36Z 2012-02-08T06:17:24Z RobertoPerezBenito

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/EventGen Event Generator https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2011Nov10 Group Meeting at Mainz 10th November 2011 * Roberto Pérez Benito * SYMB install in Olympus done * Servicing week was successful for the SYMB ... (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2011-09-05T16:36:34Z 2011-11-21T17:35:28Z RobertoPerezBenito

https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/2010Marz23 https://panda-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/PANDAMainz/Schedule * David Rodriguez Pineiro: Support Beams Length Home of Next meeting will be on 5th Feb. 2010 starting from 13:00 at Mainz Meeting Minutes Univ. * Manuel will give a talk at KPH seminar on 8th Feb. * The physics seminar ... (last changed by RobertoPerezBenito) 2011-08-31T15:26:11Z 2011-09-05T16:41:19Z RobertoPerezBenito

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