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Tasks and Responsibilities

The two large spectrometer magnets are built by seven groups from universities and research institutes in Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland and the UK. The institutions and their abbreviations are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Table of abbreviations and institutions responsible for the design and construction of the magnets at PANDA.
CUTCracow University of Technology,
 Kraków, Poland
FZJForschungszentrum Jülich,
 Jülich, Germany
GlaUniversity of Glasgow,
 Glasgow, United Kingdom
GSIGesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung,
 Darmstadt, Germany
INFNINFN, Sezione di Genova,
 Genova, Italy
JINRJoint Institute for Nuclear Research,
 Dubna, Russia
UJJagiellonian University,
 Kraków, Poland

List of Workpackages

Five distinct primary work packages have been identified. These comprise the design and construction of the following items.

  1. The coil and cryostat of the Target Spectrometer. The overall responsibility is taken by INFN, Genoa.
  2. The flux return yoke of the Target Spectrometer, which serves simultaneously as multi-layer absorber for a large-angle muon detection system. The overall responsibility is taken by JINR, Dubna.
  3. The large-aperture dipole magnet for the Forward Spectrometer. The overall responsibility is taken by the University of Glasgow.
  4. The support structures and detector mountings for all of the Forward Spectrometer. The overall responsibility is taken jointly by the Jagiellonian University, Cracow (UJ) and the Cracow University of Technology (CUT)
  5. The railing systems and movement of the whole Target Spectrometer and the platform with the Forward Spectrometer detectors. The overall responsibility is taken jointly by the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt (GSI) and Cracow University of Technology (CUT).

The responsibility for the detector mountings inside the Target Spectrometer remains with the individual detector groups, while the magnet group will provide only mounting points. A detailed list of work packages has been worked out, and responsibilities have been identified, which have been approved by all groups. These are listed in Table 2, where the responsible institutions are listed by their abbreviations specified in Tablee 1. Where responsibilities are shared the main responsible is given first and the secondary is indicated in brackets. The main responsible institution will always supervise the work package and take responsibility for a timely and full completion.

Table 2: Table of work packages listing the individual work packages and the responsible institutions by the abbreviations as listed in Table 1. The institutions listed in brackets are responsible for a specific part of the WP but the overall responsibility is taken by the leading institution.
Instrumented Flux Return
 Design, documentation, tender, supervision of constructionJINR
 Material procurement, manufacturing, assembly and transport preparationJINR
 Assembly and tests at companyJINR
 Transport to FAIRJINR
 Interface for muon systemJINR
Coil & Cryostat
 Cold mass cooling circuit designINFN
 Selection of cableINFN
 Mandrel and winding (spacers, connectors...) designINFN
 Mechanical suspension of the cold mass in the cryostatINFN
 Design of intermediate temperature shieldsINFN
 Feed lines and turretINFN(FZJ)
 Coil Protection systemINFN
 Coil diagnostic and DAQINFN(GSI)
 Tender and procurementINFN
 Follow-up of the cable procurement & testsINFN
 Follow-up of the coil constructionINFN
 Follow-up of the cryostat constructionINFN
 Follow-up of the cryogenic turret feed linesINFN
 Coil, cryostat, turret final assembly at manufacturer siteINFN
 Cryogenic and electric tests at companyINFN
 Transport to FAIRINFN
Dipole Magnet
 Final dipole designGla
 Procurement and quality assurance (no assembly)Gla
 Dipole slow controlGla
Detector Support Structures
 Platform for the FS detectorsCUT
 Supports in the dipole magnet gapCUT
 Wire chamber supports of the FSUJ
 Absorber system for muon filtering between TS and FSCUT
Magnet Support Structures
 Rail system and moving of solenoidGSI(CUT)
 Solenoid support structureJINR
 Dipole support structureGla
Assembly and Commissioning at FAIR
 Assembly of yoke and support structuresJINR
 Installation of cryostat and supply linesINFN (JINR)
 Assembly of dipole magent and power supplyGla
 Alignment of magnetsGSI (FZJ)
 Commissioning of solenoidINFN (JINR)
 Commissioning of dipoleGla
 Field mapping for both magnetsGSI
 Assembly of detector supports in the FSCUT(UJ)


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