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Magnet Meeting 3 March 2009 at GSI

Anticipated Topics (to be confirmed)

  • Stresses on the cryostat
  • Solenoid support, movement and deformations
  • Mounting sequence and required precision/reproducibility
  • Mounting structures for detector support
  • Field clamps and design of dipole


  • Andrea Bersani: Stresses on the cryostat
  • Yuri Lobanov: Deformations of the solenoid yoke
  • Edward Lisowski: Lifting and movement of the solenoid
  • Further topics:
    • Announcement: Field clamps for the dipole
    • Herbert Loehner (not present): Design for the support of the downstream end cap
    • Yuri Lobanov: Minor modification of spacers between layers


Magnet : Meetings : Magnet090303

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