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Dipole Magnet Overview

As a fixed target experiment, PANDA requires excellent momentum reconstruction for particles emitted at forward angles. The forward magnetic spectrometer will allow the reconstruction of charged particle tracks from 0° up to 10° horizontally (5° vertically) with a momentum resolution of ≤ 1%. The central part of this spectrometer will be the large-aperture dipole magnet which will provide a bending power of 2Tm. Particular challenges are the large opening (about 1 x 3m) and the comparably short total depth length (2.5m) in conjunction with the requirements on stray fields and the accommodation of detectors within the yoke gap. The lamination of the flux return yoke will ensure the required ramping capabilities, so that the magnet can be operated fully synchronous with the High Energy Storage Ring (HESR). The main parameters of the dipole magnet are summarised in the table below.
Field integral 2 Tm
Bending variation ≤ ±15%
Vertical Acceptance ±5°
Horizontal Acceptance ±10°
Ramp speed 1.25%/s
Total dissipated power 360 kW
Total Inductance 0.87 H
Stored energy 2.03 MJ
Weight 220 t
Dimensions (H × W × D) L) 3.88 × 5.3 × 2.5 m3
Gap opening (H × W ) 0.80 − 1.01 × 3.10 m2
For details of the fields in the target region please refer to the solenoid description.

View of the dipole magnet from the downstream side (field clamps ommitted)
View of the dipole magnet from the downstream side (field clamps ommitted)


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