Difference: Drawings (r3 vs. r2)

Magnet : Drawings


We need to collect the relevant technical drawings and sketches on one site. Please use this page to upload your documents and replace existing outdated versions by more recent ones. Following the manage option you can create a link to your respective picture, which you can move to the appropriate section. If you don't feel comfortable to edit this page, either upload the file(s) and send me a mail with names and short descriptions or send me the files directly IntiLehmann.


  • Full Setup 3D, Jost Luehning, Feb. 2007:
    Full Setup 3D, Jost Luehning, Feb. 2007, small version

Solenoid Pictures

  • Dubna design 3D view 03/08/2007:
    Dubna design 3D view 03/08/2007, small version
  • Dubna design 2D view 03/08/2007:
    Dubna design 2D view 03/08/2007

Dipole Pictures


Magnet : Drawings

-- Created by IntiLehmann - 12 Jul 2007

Panda_2007_02_08.pngpngPanda_2007_02_08.pngmanage 1084.4 K 16 Jul 2007 - 18:59IntiLehmann Full Setup 3D, Jost Luehning, Feb. 2007
Panda_2007_02_08_small.pngpngPanda_2007_02_08_small.pngmanage 51.2 K 16 Jul 2007 - 19:10IntiLehmann Full Setup 3D, Jost Luehning, Feb. 2007, small version
Solenoid_2D_2007_07_03.jpgjpgSolenoid_2D_2007_07_03.jpgmanage 290.0 K 06 Aug 2007 - 19:31IntiLehmann Dubna design 2D view, full size, 03/08/2007
Solenoid_2D_2007_07_03_small.jpgjpgSolenoid_2D_2007_07_03_small.jpgmanage 31.1 K 06 Aug 2007 - 19:35IntiLehmann Dubna design 2D view 03/08/2007
Solenoid_3D_2007_07_03.jpgjpgSolenoid_3D_2007_07_03.jpgmanage 1175.4 K 06 Aug 2007 - 19:22IntiLehmann Dubna design 3D view, full size, 03/08/2007
Solenoid_3D_2007_07_03_small.jpgjpgSolenoid_3D_2007_07_03_small.jpgmanage 110.4 K 06 Aug 2007 - 19:19IntiLehmann Dubna design 3D view 03/08/2007

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