Difference: Cooling (r6 vs. r5)

Cooling Plant

Definition of the cooling plant of the Barrel EMC. Preliminary version to show the concept. Authors: P. Rosier, C. Le Galliard, January 2011:

link to EDMS (EDMS account required)

Definition of the chiller of the cooling plant (P. Rosier) Jan. 2014


Prototype Cooling

A prototype cooling system for the forward endcap and one barrel slice was developed at IPN Orsay. Currently (2016) it is located at the Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum.

Environmental conditions in the PANDA hall (as of 2021)

H0417A.E10.200 (beam area)

  • Temperature: min. 20°C, max.26°C
  • Rel.humidity: min. 30 % rel. H., max. 40 %rel. H
  • Maximum dew point 11.5°C

H0417A.E10.201 (set up area)

  • Temperature: min. 20°C, max.26°C
  • Rel.humidity: min. n/a, max. 70 %rel. H

General Parameters for the Cooling

Calculation of required cooling power from the flow and temperature difference:


Barrel EMC

Thermal Load

  • Total 6000 W with temperature difference of 0.7 K (at 12 l/min per slice)
  • And in addition about 1000 W per slice from backplane electronics in support beam
  • Per slice: flow 12-15 l/min main and 1-5 l/min front cooling (and back flow through support beam)
  • Total flow 320 l/min (= 11 kW @0.7 degrees)

Forward Endcap EMC

Thermal Load

  • Total 2459 W
    • 2315 W main cooling (APD modules 633 W, VPTT modules 119 W, insulation 156 W, cable feedthroughs 1407 W (+25 degree outside temperature))
    • 64 W side cooling
    • 80 W front cooling
  • With temperature difference of 1 K resulting in a flow of 50.5 l/min. --> 60 l/min

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