Difference: Pre-AssemblyDAQ (r4 vs. r3)


Due to the fact that it is planned to have a functional pre-assembling of the PANDA detector at the Research centre Jülich, a prototype DAQ related to the PANDA DAQ has to be built. It will be a DAQ system with similar components and similar functionality as the final DAQ, but less requirement according to lower data rates in the pre-assembling phase. The pre-assembly DAQ will be realised in a three step process. As a first step the prototype trigger-less data acquisition (PTDAQ), a small but scalable start version, is prepared. It will be used for testing sub-detector prototype. Using the same online reconstruction algorithms as the PANDA DAQ, it will provide a full online event building. For testing reasons a SODANET emulator has be prepared. The second step will be an extended version including the CN. This allows a better interconnection between the xFP cards, and higher data rate handling. Starting with one CN, this version can than be expanded to the final pre-assembly DAQ.


The shelf we are using is the "MicroTCA.0 System, Cube, 3 HE, 30 TE, für 4 Single Full-size-AdvancedMC-Module".

  • File "63972-272.pdf" is the user's manual of the MicroTCA.0 System, Cube.

We use as a shelf controller the Kontron AM4901 a precise description can be found in:

  • File "1022-5813_10_SK-MAN-AM4901.pdf"
  • File "1035-8760_30_SK-MAN-AM5901-IPMI-FW-UG.pdf"


The document ptdaq.jpg is a schematic of the prototype trigger-less DAQ.

List of Presentations

These documents describe the concept and the status of the functional pre-assembly DAQ

  • File "pandameeting_10_09_13.pdf" contains description of the first concept.
  • File "Panda_meeting_12_13.pdf" is an update and status report.
  • File "boppard_talk" is a description how to increase the existing system to the final pre-assembly DAQ.

-- MilanWagner - 03 Jun 2014

1022-5813_10_SK-MAN-AM4901.pdfPanda_meeting_12_13.pdfpdf1022-5813_10_SK-MAN-AM4901.pdf Panda_meeting_12_13.pdf manage532.5 3247.4 K 05 Jun 2014 - 07:00 06:42 MilanWagner  
1035-8760_30_SK-MAN-AM5901-IPMI-FW-UG.pdfboppard_talk.pdfpdf1035-8760_30_SK-MAN-AM5901-IPMI-FW-UG.pdf boppard_talk.pdf manage474.9 3229.8 K 05 Jun 2014 - 07:00 06:45 MilanWagner  
63972-272.pdfpandameeting_10_09_13.pdfpdf63972-272.pdf pandameeting_10_09_13.pdf manage1129.4 3161.7 K 05 Jun 2014 - 07:22 06:41 MilanWagner  
Panda_meeting_12_13.pdfptdaq.jpgpdf jpg Panda_meeting_12_13.pdf ptdaq.jpg manage3247.4 25.8 K 05 03 Jun 2014 - 06:42 07:36 MilanWagner  
boppard_talk.pdfpdfboppard_talk.pdfmanage 3229.8 K 05 Jun 2014 - 06:45MilanWagner  
pandameeting_10_09_13.pdfpdfpandameeting_10_09_13.pdfmanage 3161.7 K 05 Jun 2014 - 06:41MilanWagner  
ptdaq.jpgjpgptdaq.jpgmanage 25.8 K 03 Jun 2014 - 07:36MilanWagner  

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