Difference: ComputeNode (r5 vs. r4)

Compute Node Overview

An FPGA-based computational node for Panda, BESIII and HADES.


A first version of the chematics has been released. Feel free to review it.

  • HPCN.rar: Compute Node Schematics ver1. (Protel-Altium 2006)

This is a shortlist of the bugs for the compute node at this moment:

1. The clock for CPLD should be 100MHz (Schematic is correct, only need to change the component on the board).

2. There should be dedicated reference clocks for MGTs in different columns.

3. Configuration for PHYs (Please refer to Xilinx ML405).

4. Clocks for the PHYs (We're trying crystals with 2.5v power supply, if this doesn't work then on the new board we have to change to 3.3V)

Compute Node Version 3:

People Involved

and others.

-- TiagoPerez - 14 Mar 2007

HPCN.rarrarHPCN.rarmanage 1674.1 K 20 Apr 2007 - 13:12TiagoPerez Compute Node Schematics ver1. (Protel-Altium 2006)

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