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Detector Control System

This is the wiki page of the DCS Subgroup. This subgroup has been established during the September 2007 PANDA collaboration meeting at GSI. Many updates to this wiki are expected over the next few months. Members of the DCS group should register to this wiki and be added to the PandaControlsGroup

Access restrictions:

Members of the DCS group should register to this wiki and be added to the PandaControlsGroup


The DCS subgroup has been established on September 17, 2007. The present structure is listed below.

Subgroup chairperson(s)

The subgroup co-chairpersons at this time are Lars Schmitt and Dan Protopopescu.

Subgroup members

The list below includes the institutes and/or persons that expressed interest in joining the DCS group. It is expected that at the December meeting more specific commitments will be made (designated manpower, responsibility for work packages etc.).

GSI Holger Brand (h.brand@gsi.de), Peter Zumbruch (p.zumbruch@gsi.de), Uwe Thiemer (u.thiemer@gsi.de), Lars Schmitt (l.schmitt@gsi.de)
Glasgow Dan Protopopescu (d.protopopescu@physics.gla.ac.uk)
Bucharest Dan Pantea (pantea@mail.cern.ch)
Frascati Elisabetta Pace (elisabetta.pace@lnf.infn.it)


There is a forum (hosted at GSI) and there will be a mailing list.


The subgroup forum is located on the GSI server. ALERT! It is recommended that members of the DCS subgroup do subscribe to this forum.

Mailing list

panda-dcs@gsi.de will be available soon


  • First DCS subgroup meeting, September 17, 2007, GSI

GSI/FAIR Controls

The GSI/FAIR Controls group is expected to provide:

  • Framework design
  • Templates and libraries
  • Database design and service
  • Consulting

GSI/FAIR Controls liaison

The liaison person to the GSI/FAIR Controls group is Holger Brand (h.brand@gsi.de).

DCS framework structure

It is very likely that the PANDA DCS will be a mashup of various specialized systems integrated via a high-level framework.

PANDA subsystems

The PANDA magnet, target and detector subsystems groups are expected to provide:

  • Subsystem requirements
  • Tentative layout of the user interface
  • Connection implementation

Detector liaisons

There should be a liaison person for magnet, target and for each detector subsystem. The liaison persons are expected to participate to the DCS subgroup meetings. The preliminary list is below:

Forward Cherenkov Ralf Kaiser (r.kaiser@physics.gla.ac.uk)
Endcap Cherenkov Bjoern Seitz (b.seitz@physics.gla.ac.uk)
Magnet Inti Lehmann (i.lehmann@physics.gla.ac.uk)

Open topics / To Do

For the immediate future two drafts are necessary:

  • A DCS requirements document
  • A preliminary scheme of devices and values to be controlled/monitored


It is advisable that the members of the DCS group browse the documentation for EPICS and MonALISA. PANDA DCS specific documentation will be linked/attached here as it is written.

Related topics

-- DanProtopopescu - 25 Sep 2007

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