Form Definition for PDF Classification

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Name: Type:Sorted ascending Size: Values: Tooltip message:
  label   Describe the Security sensitivity of this document For example:
  • CompanyConfidential - Internal use only
  • GeneralAvailability - Acceptable for general distribution
  • CustomerProprietary - Confidential document of an external customer
  label   Describe the type of document  
  label   A simple description of the document  
  label   KeyWords that identify the document  
DocumentClassification select+multi 5 ,CompanyConfidential, GeneralAvailabilty, CustomerProprietary Classify the package
DocumentType Select+multi 5 ,HowTo, General, FAQ, Documentation Identify the type of document
TopicHeadline text 60   This becomes the PDF "Subject" field.
KeyWords text 60   These keywords will be assigned to the PDF.

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